Business Solutions using NOSTRA Mapping Technology for “Srisawad Ngern Tid Lor” Intermediary Expansion Blueprint

With the goal of increasing efficiency and accelerating business operations, “Srisawad Ngern Tid Lor (Srisawad Money on Wheels)”, an auto refinancing business under Ngern Tid Lor Co., Ltd., one of the leading financial service companies in Thailand, chose our NOSTRA Map location enabling technology. This technology analyzes and displays potential locations for new branches. It drives a business by not only precisely calculating manpower required for certain processes, but also managing and tracking credit lines. Building on its unique capability, NOSTRA Map location enabling technology can intelligently identify best routes in local areas with great insights to let sales-representatives or marketers introduce products and marketing campaigns to the target customers in the community effectively.

This has redefined how technology optimizes business performance like never before; Srisawad Ngern Tid Lor has rapidly expanded into more than 400 branches over the country.

Company: GlobeTech

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