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GIS Co., Ltd. is the leading service provider of Geospatial Solution including Geographic Information Systems, GNSS , Earth Observation and Laser Technology – Geospatial One Stop Services, offering a wide range of services including consulting, designing, and implementing Geospatial technology with GIS , Remote Sensing, and Photogrammetry software as well as acquiring the digital map of Thailand, field survey, high resolution of orthophoto and satellite images, IT infrastructure, hardware and software installation, and after-sales maintenance services.

With reputable experiences of over 30 years in comprehensive products and Geospatial solutions, GIS Co., Ltd. is an expert in Geospatial Solution acquiring , manipulate, and store geographic information in geographic information system – GIS technology which can provide various solutions to accommodate all business needs, such as site selection and analysis, logistics planning and solutions, and customized GIS application for specific uses of government agencies, state enterprises, educational institutions, independent agencies, and private corporations. The company also serves customers in the Indochina Region (CLMV), including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Additionally, the company is Thailand’s official distributor and after-sales service provider for Garmin Corporation Limited, the world’s number-one leader of the Global Positioning System (GPS) or either known as Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) from the United States, who provides satellite navigation system and GPS products for a variety of purposes e.g. GPS sport watches, Wristbands for health, Car navigation systems, Car DVR Camera, Handheld GPS for site exploration, etc.






1. GIS Consulting Services

Addresses and analyzes customer needs and plans a project for efficient application of GIS technology.

2. GIS Application Development

Identifies customer requirements and study customers’ workflows for the development of applications for specific purposes by adopting total GIS solutions in diverse platforms i.e. web-based application, mobile application, and client-server application for small- to large-sized systems. This is in the form of an enterprise system to facilitate the development of a well-functional customized system to further enhance competitiveness as well as service capabilities and promote conformity and appropriateness depending on the needs of organizations.

3. Field Survey and GPS Survey Services

We provide surveying and collect field data for GIS solutions. Moreover, we can provide GPS Survey and measurement service for location coordinates with GPS satellite technology. Provide survey services of area and develop high-resolution base map using GPS satellite to ensure the accuracy of the deliverables for further usage.

4. High Resolution Aerial Images and LiDAR Services

As we are the pioneer of LiDAR service in Thailand, we provide LiDAR Surveying and generating and conducting the high accuracy of digital terrain model by using LiDAR technology for SMART City, Hydrologic Application, Utilities and Disaster Management. Digital Elevation Consulting and Service with LiDAR is a geographic survey by aircraft equipped with high-accuracy GPS/IMU coordinate system and a laser scanner. The final products can be delivered to both digital elevation models (DEMs) and digital surface Model (DSM) as point cloud or images, which can be applied to flood prevention planning, drainage planning, public disaster relief, and city planning.

5. High Resolution Images services from Drone and UAV

As we are professionals specializing in digital mapping in Thailand, we are capable to provide Drone Mapping Services for generating high quality aerial images including 2D/3D mapping, visual inspection and LiDAR DRONE mapping. We employ a method of aerial surveying which involves flying an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) over a specific area to acquire high-resolution aerial images and geospatial data. This data is processed and analyzed in-house to create true to scale drawings, DTM models, BIM models, ortho-mosaic, ortho-imagery, photos and 3D point clouds.

6. Photogrammetric Services

With our mapping reputation we have the capability to provide the Photogrammetric Service for scanning the film of aerial photography, conducting the Orthophoto and DEM from digital or film-based images by using photogrammetry technique including image processing, analysis, printed material from aerial photographs and satellite photos by implementing advanced technology through our skilled and experienced professionals.

7. Remote Sensing Services

With our experience in Remote Sensing Solution, we are capable of providing remote sensing analysis, distinguishes, and interprets the earth surface from optical satellite data. With the experience and availability of well-trained personnel and advanced tools, the company delivers consultancy in diverse disciplines e.g. project planning, image selection and sourcing from satellite imagery solutions, theoretical modification and processing, critical features of tools and processing system, and analysis of the processed information, etc.

Business Solutions Services

With thorough understanding of the industry coupled with expertise in GIS technology, the company never ceases to develop various business solutions to create a competitive edge and become a leader in the industry.

NOSTRA Logistics: Vehicle tracking system for carriage optimization

Real-time GPS tracking system and carriage tracking system with Cloud system and Telematics technology are designed to determine product distribution spots and to plan transportation routes through a vehicle-tracking equipment that is able to record distribution data, check-in, store information and to function as a vehicle control warning system through various sensors. Data can be stored for the analysis of distribution status by utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data Analytics technology, with all equipment connected to IoT Logistics Platform for logistic management including Fleet Management, GPS Tracking on high-resolution maps. The tracking solution serves all types of transportation, from conveyors, fuel trucks and carriage of hazardous substances. All types of transportation are equipped with a system that monitors driver behaviors for safety and accident prevention purposes such as Mobile Digital Video Record (MDVR), Advance Driver Assistant System (ADAS), Driver Monitoring System (DMS) as well as all-in-one equipment that merges the functions of MDVR, ADAS and DMS for customers’ confidence.

In addition to the equipment, NOSTRA LOGISTICS ePOD: Electronic Proof of Delivery-Mobile Application, a product logistics and distribution management tool utilized through a mobile device, can access all areas even in places where traveling by cars is impossible. The service is specially designed to meet the requirement of logistics businesses in the digital era which can help reduce the delivery cost and ensure credibility of the service. The Maintenance Management System (MMS) module is able to check the conditions of vehicles both before and after use, schedule vehicle maintenance and plan it precisely to prevent possible risks and to ensure customer satisfaction.

All this can be managed, monitored and reported through NOSTRA LOGISTICS Web Application and tracked via NOSTRA LOGISTICS Mobile Monitoring that is available around the clock. This also allows vehicle tracking and monitoring to be done at all times, allowing warnings when abnormalities are detected and for distribution managers to quickly communicate with drivers. Summary and report can be displayed on a dashboard through NOSTRA LOGISTICS Web Application for more efficient corporate planning and decision making. The technology is developed by experts who are ready to provide solutions that meet all demands of all transport and logistic businesses.

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