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GIS Co., Ltd. is the leading service provider of Geographic Information Systems – GIS One Stop Services. Its wide range of services includes consulting, designing, and implementing GIS technology with GIS software, image processing software as well the as high-resolution digital map of Thailand, field survey, orthophoto, satellite imagery, IT infrastructure, hardware and software installation, and after-sales maintenance service.

With superior experiences for over 20 years in comprehensive products and solutions. GIS Co., Ltd. is an expert in geographic information system – GIS technology. It provides various solutions to accommodate all business needs, such as site selection and analysis, logistics planning and solutions, and customized GIS application for specific uses of government agencies, state enterprises, educational institutions, independent agencies, and private corporations. The company also serves customers in Indochinese Region (CLMV), including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Additionally, the company is the exclusive distributor and after-sale service provider in Thailand for Garmin Corporation Limited, the world’s number-one leader of the global positioning system (GPS) from USA, who provides satellite navigation system and GPS products for a variety of purposes e.g. motor vehicle navigators, GPS devices for site exploration, GPS devices for sports, wristbands, GPS video cameras, etc.






1. GIS Consulting Service

Address and analyze customer needs, and plan a project for competent application of GIS technology.

2. GIS Application Development

Identify customer requirements and study customers’ workflows to develop applications for specific purposes by adopting total GIS solutions in diverse platforms i.e. web-based application, mobile application, and client-server application for small systems and large systems in the form of enterprise system. The services aim at developing well-functional customized systems, advancing competitiveness and service capability, and promoting conformity and appropriateness to the needs of organizations.

3. Field Survey

Surveying and collecting field data for GIS solutions

4. Survey and measurement service for location coordinates with GPS satellite technology

Provide survey services of area and develop high-resolution basemap using GPS satellite to ensure the accuracy of the deliverables for further usage.

5. Photogrammetry and Satellite Data

Conducting photogrammetry, processing, analysis, printed material from aerial photograph and satellite photos by implementing advanced technology through our skilled and experienced professionals

6. Digital Elevation Consulting and Service with LiDAR solution

Digital Elevation Consulting and Service with LiDAR solution is a geographic survey by aircraft equipped with high-accuracy GPS/IMU coordinate system and a laser scanner. The solution can deliver both digital elevation models (DEMs) and digital surface Model (DSM), which can be applied to flood prevention planning, drainage planning, public disaster relief, and city planning,

7. Remote Sensing

Remote sensing analyzes, distinguishes, and interprets the earth surface from satellite data. With experience and availability of well-trained personnel and advanced tools, the company is at service to deliver consultancy in diverse disciplines e.g. project planning, image selection and sourcing from satellite imagery solutions, theoretical modification and processing, critical features of tools and processing system, and analysis of the processed information, etc.

Business Solutions Services

GIS technology creates a competitive edge and builds up business leaders with its innovated solutions spurring from the company’s commitment. With business insights and expertise in GIS technology, the company has developed many business solutions, redefining competitiveness and promoting business leaders, such as SALE Master – a professional sales assistant, an application for sales persons and the total customer management solution. SALE Master enables sales persons to organize sales promptly and comprehensively, from purchasing system, customer lists to promotions and sales to ensure that no order is missed. The solution not only helps track business competitors but also builds on a good relationship between existing customers and identifies opportunities to reach out new potential customers, along with the monitoring function which follows up and reports sale performance to the responsible divisions according to a corporate’s policy.

NOSTRA Logistics: Vehicle tracking system for carriage optimization

Real-time GPS tracking system and the carriage tracking with Cloud system serve all types of transportation e.g. cars, conveyors, fuel trucks, and carriage of hazardous objects. Its functionality also extends to an employee tracking system with mobile tracking technology. This solution not only allows 24-hour monitoring of transportation but also reduces transportation costs, increases a safety of life and property, as well as enhances customer satisfaction with reliable standards. In addition, with its GPS tracking system, NOSTRA Logistics is capable of defining a point of delivery and planning the optimal transportation routes. The system will record the routes, check-in location, save delivery details, store shop information, control hauling with notification system from all sensors, and deliver a summary report for further planning and impactful decision-making.

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