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A subsidiary of CDG Group, GlobeTech Co., Ltd was founded on May 27, 2008 and is a leader in digital map data solutions and location contents with comprehensive precise database covering Asean region under the “NOSTRA” brand.

With a well experienced team in survey and mapping production technology and over 20 years of experience in the industry, the company provides a wide range of GeoData services for Geographic Information System (GIS) and Business Intelligence software, NOSTRA Online Map Services and map data for GPS navigation, either in-car, device or software. Today the company joins hands with its business alliances to continue developing its services and solutions such as Data Analytics IoT and Smart Solutions to ensure different requirements of its customers are best responded.

Map Contents

1. Map for GIS

1.1 Base Map

The highly-precise digital base map of Thailand that utilizes vector data which together with the GIS software can be used for site analysis to better manage the business, supplementing corporate marketing strategic planning with Location Intelligence as well as aiding in the opening of new branches, the analysis of business service areas and more.

1.2 Premium Map

The highly-precise digital base map covers the entirety of Thailand, following the standards set by the FGDS, accurate to the scale of 1: 4,000. Utilizing vector data, the digital map is suitable for use with GIS technology which can be used to aid in a variety of tasks, such as in public utility development, transportation development, environmental development, resource allocation, public health management systems, and even in market strategizing (i.e. planning the establishment of additional branches, analysis of nearby service areas, route management, logistics, etc.).

1.3 Extra Content

A set of extra information shows the additional features of location information which can be leveraged to improve analysis and aid the development of business planning and can also be useful for strategic marketing, product and service development and projecting future business opportunities. The data includes hotels and accommodation, restaurants, real estates, schools, hospitals, markets, factories, travel destinations and parking spaces.

2. Demographic Contents

The data maps can provide an accurate population density reading through rigorous surveying and analysis of data from the government, state-owned enterprises, and private individuals. This information is useful for showing the potential of expanding business areas, helping in strategizing service plans, expansion of new buildings or branches, and aiding in determining suitable sales targets in each area for efficient and cost-effective business management. The demographic data is categorized into 3 sets which are:

2.1. Thailand Demographic Data: which includes gender, age, education, income, etc.

2.2 Gridded Population Daytime: The unit follows the standard of 1 Grid equating to 500 x 500 meters, focusing on businesses’ operational hours during daytime. The data is displayed in color grids.

2.3 Gridded Population Nighttime: The unit follows the standard of 1 Grid equating to 500 x 500 meters, analyzing population density during nighttime. The data is displayed in color grids.

3. Map for Navigation

NOSTRA Map for Navigation has been widely trusted and accepted in the industry of GPS car navigation devices for more than 16 years. It is the most accurate and detailed GPS navigation system in Thailand. The GPS system is trusted by leading GPS navigator companies such as GARMIN, SPEEDNAVIl and leading automobile manufacturers such as MG, Toyota, Isuzu, Mitsubishi and Nissan.

4. Online Map Service

NOSTRA online map service provides online map data of Thailand via the access of NOSTRA MAP API which consists of base map service and search service. It is also equipped for location search, address search, the analysis of service location, the calculation of routes, navigation and logistic planning according to type of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, sky trains and ferries. The Special Dynamic Contents feature is also available with the display of traffic, road accidents, weather, recommended dining venues and fuel price to help facilitate user experiences. The service can be accessed via ready-made applications or users can opt for the design and development of specific applications by a team of experts from NOSTRA.


1. POI Matching

A service to convert general database into geographical coordinates is available whereby names of significant locations provided by client’s database are synced with NOSTRA Point of Interest (POI) database. This is designed to improve efficiency of the database which best responds to users’ requirement and to help with a location evaluation on geographical programs to support business expansions.

2. SOS API Service

A platform that functions as a coordinator in case of emergency such as in the case of accident, vehicle breakdown, calls for ambulance and rescue vehicles, missing persons, robbery or fire. The service is available around the clock via call center in form of API Ready to Integration which can be easily connected with other applications.

3. Data Analytics

Provide consultancy service for public and private sectors by analyzing Big Data together with location-specific information to find a correlation of in-depth data. This enables businesses to predict opportunities and future trends so that they can plan an efficient way to handle future circumstances.

Internet of Things (IoT) & Smart Solutions

1. IoT Solutions: Comprehensive IoT solutions which can be adapted to organizational requirements, with the development of smart solutions from the modification of sensors and other equipment to improve their efficiency. These more advanced solutions are developed for better management such as for Smart City, Smart Agriculture and Asset Management.

2. Smart Health by NOSTRA: An innovation that utilizes Activity Platform or Smart Watch Platform. The data is analyzed based on user’s daily activities and exercise habits, to find meaningful correlations altogether to form well-rounded reports that can improve efficiency in healthcare. The innovation is a combination between IoT, Telematics Device and Big Data Analytics, suitable for healthcare service providers such as hospitals, nursing homes, insurance companies and corporate welfare management.

3. Smart Drive by NOSTRA: A digital platform that aims to promote safe driving habits. It integrates two major technologies namely data from Telematic devices to collect data while driving and alert the driver of dangerous driving and Big Data Analytics to find significant correlations. This technology can be applied to businesses such as insurance companies, vehicle management and corporate vehicle rents.

4. Tamroi Service Platform

Developed using Internet of Thing (IoT) technology, the platform is designed to provide assistance, care and tracking for the elderly, children, patients and tourists as well as valuable assets within organizations. The platform relies on IoT (Device) communication via the NB IoT network to send data for display on the Tamroi mobile application. A call center team is available around the clock to help coordinate between several organizations and users.

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