Implementation of Mapping Technology to Address Deforestation, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Appointed by the Office of the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment as a consultant of the project, CDG Group worked towards systematically resolving and ending the encroachment of forest resources in Thailand. With accurate supportive data, CDG Group started with a retrospective base map, developed with old orthophotos of Thailand’s aerial surveys since 1952-1999. This orthophoto base map demonstrated the changing situation of deforestation and helped prove the owner’s rights on properties and helped to accurately legalize forest areas by integrating data from various sources. It was used to identify a forest boundary in compliance with the original intention of the forest boundary map under the laws, and to prepare information on land ownership (i.e. land of the state property, land of the Agricultural Land Reform Office, land of a cooperative, land of a self-developed community, and land of a private sector) according to the boundary map, for further administration of the Ministry.

In addition, CDG Group worked cooperatively with local authorities to collect information and facts on the legally declared forest zone, and deliver the information to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for further policy-based application.

Company: GISC

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