Civil Registration and National Identification Card System (Bangkok Metropolitan Area), the Strategy and Evaluation Department

CDG Group has been entrusted by the Strategy and Evaluation Department in Bangkok to design and apply information technologies that streamline processes and uplift service efficiency among several projects that  Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) officers are responsible for, such as:

  1. Computer system for Bangkok Express Service units to redefine service efficiency. CDG Group developed software and installed hardware together with a network system in high traffic areas to promote accessibility to public services, which are categorized into four categories: ID card issuance and renewal service, certifying copy service of the civil registration information and national ID cards, tax filing service, and complaint center and public information services of Bangkok and tourist centers.
  2. Computer system for Bangkok Mobile Units to expand public services. Bangkok Mobile Units offer a one-stop national ID card service, from filling information, taking ID photo, to issuing ID cards.

Company: CDT

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