Registration and Identification Card System for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee (UNHCR), the Bureau of Registration Administration, the Department of Provincial Administration

CDG Group was assigned to prepare a computer server and fingerprint scanner, and develop a fingerprint registration application for refugees in Thailand to serve as the country’s database. Later, CDG Group and UNHCR procured computers to collect registration data in 9 refugee shelters located in 8 districts. With this collaboration, refugee data from the UNHCR database was replicated and stored in the database of the Bureau of Registration Administration with re-assigned house and refugee ID numbers. Additionally, CDG Group developed a solution to examine refugee data and generate reports on statistics of refugees. We also supplied hardware and a network system along with the program installation to be used with other central government offices such as the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Interior, the Internal Security Affairs Bureau, the Bureau of Registration Administration, and local offices where the 9 shelters situate.

CDG Group also led the design and development of several identification and verification programs. We built a program to record the names and last names of refugees in Thai, a system to verify the accuracy of that data before issuing refugee ID cards, a card printing program, and a program to monitor delivery of the cards to refugees. Our total IT solutions have served a big role in optimizing storage capability of this sensitive information and at the same time, raising operational effectiveness and improving time management.

Company: CDT

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