Customer Data Management System and Vehicle Tracking System, Boon Rawd Trading Co., Ltd.

Boon Rawd Trading (Singha Corporation), a subsidiary of Boon Rawd Brewery, utilized the GIS technology for the development of its management system, from the improvement of customer database, route planning for salespeople, distribution planning to vehicle tracking. This helps solve various conundrums previously facing the organization which were:

CDG Group has the opportunity to develop the GIS system for the company, making use of the outstanding features of Location Intelligence for service development. Besides NOSTRA map database available as Online Map Service to be used as a reference point to create customer database, the company also implements online map services which can be accessed via smartphones. This benefits customer location mapping, route analysis system, and a vehicle tracking system, allowing real-time operation monitoring which helps reduce operating costs,

Company: GISC ESRI

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