Area Analytics System for Marketing Strategic Planning “TerraMap Thailand powered by NOSTRA”

Map Marketing Co., Ltd., a service provider of area analytics for marketing strategic planning, used Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to formulate marketing strategies, support promotional activities, and manage branch stores. The application can analyze an intensive consumer database with census information, it cab assess market locations and make deliberate decisions. The system is updated every year for free so it has become popular and widely-accepted among corporate customers in Japan. Currently, the solution has more than 2,000 users.  

To synergize each party’s expertise in creating digital maps, NOSTRA Map, Thailand’s leading GPS (Global Positioning System) integrated digital mapping service provider with the most comprehensive and precise basemap in the country, partnered with Map Marketing Co., Ltd. to develop “TerraMap Thailand powered by NOSTRA” or TMT, the first cloud-based area marketing package in Thailand. This system was specifically developed for Japanese organizations making marketing decisions for their business in Thailand.

Company: GlobeTech

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