Vehicle Management and Tracking System, Betagen Co., Ltd.

Product quality is crucial to Betagen Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and distributor of fermented and pasteurized milks. To maintain customer satisfaction, the company has focused on intensive customer behavior analysis to improve its products and develop new ones strategically and systematically. They focus in quality in every step, from the manufacturing process to the safe delivery of products.

fermented and pasteurized milk needs a temperature-controlled environment, the company has engaged IT solutions to preserve product quality during delivery. NOSTRA Logistics has played an important role in delivering an intelligent logistics and distribution system. The system can track vehicle location with in-car GPS devices, measure the temperature inside a vehicle, and detect abnormality and notify logistic management team to address efficiency issues (e.g. increasing /decreasing temperature over/under a threshold in the cargo room). As a result, the company can avoid damages to its products and gain trust from nationwide consumers.

Company: GlobeTech

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