GIS System for Services on Electricity Users, the Provincial Electricity Authority

CDG Group was appointed to develop a geographic information system (GIS) for its electricity system (AM/FM/GIS). We conducted field surveys on all electrical systems across the country with high-resolution of 1:4000 scale, covering transmission lines, power stations, high and low voltage distribution systems, and meters of more than 16 million households. Besides, we also created various applications for the PEA.

Currently, the GIS system is widely used in several departments of the PEA, such as in the head office, electricity provincial offices, electricity district offices, branch offices, and sub-branch offices. It has contributed to the mission and business processes of the PEA, for example, public services, planning, decision making, design, construction, maintenance, mapping and reporting of information for executive management, engineers and general users.

The PEA also established GIS Center at its head office to function as a war room in case of an emergency or disaster. The GIS Center also serves as a center of innovations and new processes as well as a base for public communication and public relations to encourage the use of the PEA’s electricity GIS in government sector, private sector and by the general public. This has built awareness throughout society regarding the PEA’s commitment to relentless development and business management, in addition to social and environmental responsibility.

CDG Group has built a GIS application for PEA Map on both a web and mobile platform. This project conformed to the PEA’s strategic plan for 2014-2023 which is geared toward creating a customer-centric organization, focusing on building up and managing customer relationships to fulfil customer’s needs and increase customer satisfaction. The application has redefined the PEA’s competency in delivering services through innovation creation and use of cutting-edge technology.

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Company: GISC

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