Map Service for Electricity Transmission System and Area Management, the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)

CDG Group was chosen to develop the Map Service System for Electricity Transmission System and Area Management for the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) by utilizing the GIS system for the management of high-voltage power transmission and area management which included land and asset ownership of nationwide high-voltage power networks under the EGAT. We were also in charge of data management for all assets under the EGAT, public and private sectors and the general public. To ensure operational efficiency, data was stored in the GIS system including high-voltage power areas, Right of Way (ROW), locations of high-voltage electricity pillars, high-voltage transmission lines, forest areas, transportation routes, water resources, lands, the evaluation of land prices and other assets as well as orthophoto and satellite photo data with 1:50,000 and 1:4,000 resolution.

Currently, the GIS system is widely used in several departments of the EGAT, such as in the head office, electricity provincial offices and high-voltage electricity stations countrywide. Available as Web Application, Mobile Application and EGAT GIS Portal, the system has contributed to the mission and business processes of the EGAT, for example, public services, planning, decision making, design, construction, maintenance, mapping and reporting of information for executive management, engineers and general users.

The GIS system can also be used to record and examine electricity pillars, wires, lands, trees, buildings as well as asset ownership, asset price evaluation, replacement cost and other relevant aspects of the high-voltage power system. Besides, digital orthophoto and data analysis with LiDAR system can also be used for the exploration and classification of high-voltage electricity transmission lines where 250-meter buffers are required for the construction of residences, buildings, transportation routs, electricity pillars, electricity wires and waterways. The system can also be utilized for the examination of the intrusion towards ROW and SAG to pinpoint maintenance areas for high-voltage electricity system as well as for the construction of new electricity transmission lines from power sources both inside and outside the country. This is for the security and benefits of all Thai citizens.

Company: GISC