Basemap Service System for GIS Support, the Department of Land Transport

CDG Group was chosen to develop a base map service system in support of the Department of Land Transport’s GIS operations. The company also provided hardware and software in response to the development of base map service and imported existing data including the location of Land Transport Offices, Cargo Offices and private vehicle inspection centers. This is also to standardize the Department’s data to be in line with data from the Office of the Permanent Secretary under the Ministry of Transport. Other statistics were also incorporated into the database including newly-registered vehicles, accumulative vehicle registration volume, GPS-installed vehicles, driving licenses, vehicle inspection, services at the Land Transport Offices, fines for drivers who violate the law, vehicle registration tax and transport licence-related operations.

Additionally, we also provided a private-cloud base map central portal which serves as a tool for GIS data exchange and dissemination among Transportation GIS Portals which belong to the Office of the Permanent Secretary under the Ministry of Transport and the Department of Land Transport. This enabled seamless connectivity between the two organizations. CDG Group also developed Operation Dashboard to display map-based results and summary for management-level officers and related sectors. This is also available in form of Story Map Web Application which is accessible via Web Browser. The system functions as a central GIS archive which collects, offers and shares geographical information.

Company: GISC