JS100, NOSTRA and Huawei announce the official agreement in developing IoT platform “Tamroi” to encourage business transformation and social services in Thailand

NOSTRA, JS100 Radio Station, and Huawei signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Tuesday in Bangkok for a joint collaboration on NB-IoT application development and technology partnership in Thailand.


NOSTRA LOGISTICS reveals a 20% growth in the logistics market Announces new products to serve the smart logistics market

NOSTRA Logistics revealed that Thailand's transportation and logistics market will reach 200 billion baht with an annual growth of 15-20 per cent, being a prosperous business in the digital economy, while also announcing an aggressive move into the IoT logistics arena by delivering its NOSTRA LOGISTICS Analytics Platform and Telematics Solution to respond to the upturn in the market.


Garmin unveils the MARQ series: a collection of lifestyle-inspired luxury smart watches on its 30th anniversary

Garmin, in celebration of its 30th anniversary, introduced the MARQTM series — a collection of luxury smart watches, forged from Garmin’s long-standing heritage in the aviation, automotive, marine, outdoor and sport markets.


Globetech adapts business strategy for expansion through Data Analytics platform Prepares for next wave of technologies that will disrupt business

 Deploying IT technologies to outpace the competition, Globetech has created a new tagline for its NOSTRA Map, changing it from “The Map You Can Trust” to “Turn Your Data into Decisions”.


CDG’s e-Saraban FlowSoft listed in Thailand’s National Innovation Index, aims to support Smart Government

CDG Group, a leading IT solution and digital service provider was delighted that its electronic document control system model 4.0, under the name of “e-Saraban FlowSoft”, has been recorded in Thailand’s National Innovation Index in office category for 8 years.