JS100, NOSTRA and Huawei announce the official agreement in developing IoT platform “Tamroi” to encourage business transformation and social services in Thailand

08 October 2019

NOSTRA, JS100 Radio Station, and Huawei signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Tuesday in Bangkok for a joint collaboration on NB-IoT application development and technology partnership in Thailand.

The MoU was signed by KhunYing Suwimol Puengprasert, Executive Director at Pacific Corporation Co., Ltd (JS100 Radio Station); Mr. Wichai Saenghirunwattana, General Manager of Globetech Co., Ltd., and the NOSTRA brand; and Mr. Qi Feng, Chief Strategy Officer, Huawei Southern-East Asia Region. This MoU aims to establish a collaboration on know-how sharing and joint development as well as the demonstration and testing of NB-IoT applications in order to support the development of Thailand’s NB-IoT roadmap.

At the signing ceremony, the three parties announced the introduction of “Tamroi;” an IoT service platform which could assist in the care of elders, kids, patients and tourists along with the management of valuable items for both organizations and individuals to therefore better serve Thai society.

Supported by NB-IoT, Tamroi allow users to find their loved ones with smart devices and mobile application, and can request assistance from the JS100 call center team 24/7 which will allow access to the device’s location information. The access permission would be turned off upon completion without privacy concern.

NOSTRA, Thailand’s leading software technology integrator and location services provider would develop the platform, including mobile applications and Web monitoring, with its renowned base map.

JS100 Radio Station, a media broadcast company that has provided news and traffic information for the benefit of the community for the past 28 years, would act as the 24/7 call center and coordinate all concerns for rescue services.  With its strong connections with emergency assistance partners in Thailand including police stations, hospitals, foundations, government agencies, and volunteers; JS100 can be the hub for data transmission to help everyone in their daily lives.

Huawei, the global leading provider of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure, would provide IoT integration support to local system integrators in order to develop IoT use cases in Thailand.

Mr. Wichai Saenghirunwattana, General Manager of Globetech Co., Ltd., and the NOSTRA brand said, “IoT is the important mechanism for Thailand 4.0. By enhancing synergy between NOSTRA, JS100, and Huawei, we are confident that the ‘Tamroi Service Platform’ can provide the best values in the market that no one else can offer.”

“We expect the Tamroi Service Platform to provide public care services and to reduce the statistical numbers of the top 6 incidents in Thailand: accidents/car accidents; illnesses; missing persons; lost pets; lost valuables; and missing tourists or foreign workers,” said KhunYing Suwimol Puengprasert.

“The Tamroi project is the important outcome from our cooperation with JS100, and NOSTRA to bring IoT services to Thailand, and good reference to build IoT ecosystem,” said Mr. Qi Feng. “We believe IoT technology will bring more contribution to Thailand society and Tamroi Service can offer special care to those in need, like elders, kids, patients and tourists.”

In addition, there are two special guests: Mr.Tanes Petsuwan, Deputy Governor for Marketing Communications, Tourism Authority of Thailand and Associate Professor Rattaplee Pak-art, MD, Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University.

Mr.Tanes Petsuwan said, “As tourism of Thailand, it is important to build confidence to tourists in the safety and welfare of tourists by TAT, To facilitate tourist information in parallel. With the confidence and peace of mind helping tourists in all things such as lost and found, we are pleased to have developed a service system that will help building confidence in the tourists.”