Administration, Database Management & Analytics Solutions

CDG Group provides e-Government total solutions for nationwide projects of government agencies, while also providing innovative, cutting-edge technologies that suit the needs of public sectors and state-enterprises. Some of our notable innovations include our Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) with precise identification procedure which reduces errors in all processes, Data Warehouse system, and Business Intelligence tools for accurate and fast executive analysis and decision making.

Company: CDT CDGS

CDG Group provides Public Administration systems and services for payment management, including reimbursements, salary payments, budgeting control and human resource management for state organizations. Additionally, CDG Group has developed the E-Saraban system, simplifying the process of document submission and searches across internal and external functions. The company also has a Document Management system which functions as a large document database which converts all paper loads into digital format, ensuring more convenience for users to easily access the document and track document logs.

Company: CDGS

CDG Group uses technologies to improve productivity and enhance the effectiveness of state-enterprises such as an ERP system which integrates sophisticated platforms including hardware, software, network and business processes. It is designed to effectively and consistently manage business operations of entire organizations. New technology and standardized management processes are the key for  better business application and improved practicality.

Company: CDGS