Agricultural Management Solutions

CDG Group implemented an IT platform for the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives to manage operational centers by holistically integrating and gathering agricultural data from several departments under the Ministry and other related functions. This was used to build a comprehensive database to support agricultural activities of National Farmers Federation and National Farmers Council across the country. Furthermore, we implemented an agricultural data operation center system for Office of Agricultural Economics to store, analyze and provide accessibility to the data. CDG Group’s system allowed officers to communicate and share insights with agriculturists to support better planning and decision-making, instantly and holistically.

We also deployed technology to survey and track data on social-household economy and agricultural labor such as area and irrigation utilization to bring a superior management and operation by the authority.

E-Movement for animal logistics management system is another platform that we developed by integrating two systems of the Department of Livestock Development: the e-Service for issuance of electronic licenses for transport animals within or import/export through the Kingdom, and the National Identification (NID) system for livestock identification and historical tracking for the purpose of operational management, disease monitoring and strategic planning for livestock production. The integration of the two system allows the organization to drive its operations based on accurate data and helps uplift the effectiveness of livestock production.

E-Operation is an operational management system that enhances the capability of. national services by tracking officers’ activities and spending programs of the central and regional government projects reimbursements across the country.

Company: CDGS