E-Document Management Solutions

CDG Group’s E-Document and E-Saraban Management Solutions helps smoothen interconnected functions of an organization such as document storage, document transmission among departments and search functions. Furthermore, we provide total printing solutions including printers and consumable materials to content management systems, database designs for complex data source.

E-Document filing system under the Flowsoft software is a platform for storing and searching documents. Similar to a large folder, the system stores document logs passing in and out of the system. It converts all paperwork into a digital format and has an intelligent search system that can index and search for information from large volumes of documents, such as handwritten documents, image files, and project contracts. This solution reduces paper usage by more than 50% and reduces the loss of corporate documents by 90%.

Company: CDGS

Electronic document tracking solutions (E-Saraban) allows organizations to exchange documents between functional departments in a more streamlined manner. It acts as a document management system within the organization so that documents can be transmitted promptly between departments or recipients. The system will make records to monitor and track the documents by delivering a status to recipients as well as the application status of such document. It also secures document delivery by assigning users authority within the organization such as for executive level, middle management level, and general staff.

Company: CDGS

CDG provides content management services for large, complex, high-volume databases. Starting from the database designing process, analysis on data storing and data preparation for report generating, we offer an analytic platform on retrieving accurate data along with pertaining the highest security level of the database.

With the extensive experience of CDG Group, we have been entrusted and continuously appointed for several national projects, such as the civil registration database and the citizen identification card solutions. With this experience, we have developed an in-depth understandings and insights of complex database management system.

Company: CDGS