We live in a world driven by data. Every click, every mouse drag can be considered as invaluable data for business intelligence. Organizations without competence to manage Big Data will eventually lose competitiveness, especially when they stick to the traditional approach to manage their data. CDG Group therefore invent total big data and analytics solutions. We have comprehensive resources from experienced data scientists, IT consultants, technical experts, and business intelligence teams who support the executives to exploit those enormous amounts of data effectively, responsively to a situation, and customizable per business purposes.

Big Data & Analytics

Big data is changing the way people and organizations work together. It is the art of utilizing tremendous amount of data from multiple sources – with diverse velocity, volume and variety – to find patterns, insights and customer profiling. One critical success factor to achieve big data strategically is to optimize coherence between operational functions and technical teams.

CDG Group has well-calibrated teams and products to deliver big data solutions and customize to industrial requirements to maximize business intelligence, for instance, ability to construct customer profile for marketing purpose i.e. churn rate, retention rate, in order to come up with the most effective and attractive promotions to target consumers.

Company: CDGS