CDG Group is a leading player and distributor of premium lifestyle products. With the mission to bring technology to enrich everyday life and experience, particularly location base service technologies to support an active lifestyle e.g. GPS (Global Positioning System) navigator “GARMIN” – the world’s number-one brand for GPS products, NOSTRA Map – the most precise and comprehensive location information in Thailand. Our products, ARCGIS platform, and GIS mapping services is used with various applications to enhance consumer lifestyle even more.

Lifestyle Products

CDG Group distributes innovative products that fit lifestyle of the new generation who passionate for body exercise and outdoor activities. Both professional and leisure athletes can enjoy our GARMIN Smartwatch that can measure heart rate 24 hours and track their workout activities. Extreme-sport athletes and outdoor-activity lovers can use our Action Camera to record their exciting and adventurous moments. Yet, other wellness products for daily-use are on board i.e. a device to track physical movements and activities during a day, a gadget to monitor quality of sleep each day, etc.

Company: GT GIS