Automative Registration & Renewal Solutions

CDG Group has been entrusted by the Department of Land Transport to develop several continuing projects. Beginning with the automotive tax filing project, this was a nationwide initiative that enabled people to conveniently file their automotive tax at any Bangkok and provincial offices. As part of this, we implemented a One Stop Service for all automotive tax filing that allows people to spend only 3-5 minutes to file taxes at Tesco Lotus. Continually, we developed Drive Thru project for year-end automotive tax filing, facilitating an easier process that allowed people to file tax by driving through service points without getting out of their cars. Our development of services has also expanded to Shop Thru for Tax at Big-C Supercenter where people can file tax at a shopping center.

CDG also provides online automotive tax filing solutions that allow people to file annual automotive tax via the Internet from anywhere at any time with ease of use and clear instructions for each procedure. The highly-secured system also automatically sends registration and password verification codes to users. Users can search for their own vehicle information, file tax promptly, and purchase motor insurance according to the Road Accident Victim Protection Act, 1992 via the system as well. Payment can be made through various channels, including e-payment channels depending on user preferences such as through counter services at partner banks, direct reimbursement from the bank accounts, VISA credit cards, and mobile application. After disbursement, users will receive a sticker tag by mail from the Department of Land Transport. The system will also notify users regarding the following annual automotive tax filing via email.

Company: CDGS