Mobile Application & Plug-in Smart Objects

The Mobile phone has become an integral part of our lives. It drastically changes the way we live. As demand for efficiency never stops, mobile applications and plug-in Smart Objects unquestionably play a critical role. However, developing these technologies are challenging, especially the practical and deliverable ones with persisting updates and high security standards.

CDG Group offers mobile application development services for both iOS and Android platforms by well-calibrated and highly-experienced technicians. We always take into account of service continuity and secured development of cybercrime. Moreover, we offer consulting services for workflow design and modification as well as render outsources services for other related functions with the objective to maximize users’ benefits from the mobile application.


Programming in this era is far more challenging than ever. Developers are expected to handle more complicated user requirements with limited time and fill all loopholes for cybercriminals to penetrate the system. Adopting Smart Object is then the answer for application development in this era. The solution lifts up standards of programming and speed up creation of workpieces. Smart Object serves as a programming module with ready-made sets of specific commands, which are able to instantly plug-in to with other software. Developers can also update the Smart Object embedded in every program simultaneously ensuring the programs to be up-to-date and more secure.

    Company: CDGS