CDG Group is a distributor of the world’s number-one Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software from ESRI Inc, USA, under ArcGIS brand, with a team of experts to collect data on location, geography, terrain and other physical data, and to analyze those data and apply in a variety forms of usage in organizational development, marketing research, relocation analysis, business intelligence, contingency planning, and infrastructure system design. In addition, we have a well-experienced team to hand on data cleaning and transform them into structural, interpretable, practical format.

Besides our ArcGIS Software, CDG Group also offers NOSTRA Map  and NOSTRA Logistics solution, a high-resolution map with large coverage data of nationwide locations. Users can have an access to GIS instantly without sourcing additional base maps.

Asset Valuation Suites

Property valuation system is embedded with key features on storing location-based securities and inclusively integrating related data for evaluation purpose. From our ArcGIS technology and GIS mapping services, data can range from future extension project of BTS lines in nearby areas, emerging real-estate property data, land expropriation from particular projects, airside areas, urban planning, national forests, and national parks across the nation. The GIS platform facilitates the validation of location-based information, cuts down repetition in valuation process, and enables appraisers to accomplish several workloads a day and eventually reach greater business impacts.

Company: ESRI GIS