Cybercrime costs damages to organizations over 4 trillion US dollars annually according to the Center for Strategic and International Studies statistic. Still, some organizations have not paid enough attention to cybersecurity. CDG Group, however, considers security issue as a priority to maintain competitive advantage and secure business intelligence. CDG Group offers total security solutions and consulting services such as biometric authentication platform, using biometric data e.g. fingerprint, iris, palmprint, face recognition to authenticate users. The system therefore more secured as biometric data are difficult to be stolen, yet easier for users than traditional password approach, which leave some loopholes to be hacked through variety of tricks such as guessing, social engineering or psychological tricks. On the other hand, our reliable biometric technology and experienced experts strengthen organization security from cybercrime at higher level.

Other cyber security offerings include security gateway, authentication system, log analysis, and incident management & system forensic. Our highly-experienced teams are available to render consultancy on information security management and to conduct vulnerability assessment in critical functional systems within organization in order to prevent threats from cyber-attack and boost public confidence toward government agencies’ services.

Nonetheless, security has broader scope than most of people ever thought. The fundamental of public security and law enforcement require a lot more accurate, high-standard, and responsive information systems. CDG Group has been behind several successes in developing biometric authentication solutions, such as Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) and Police Information System (POLIS), the police investigation information system which integrates database of other related organizations, added-in with innovations such as mobile application, web service and blacklist/watch-list hub. All these features create Smart Law Enforcement which operates online in real-time manner, from monitoring and preventing unlawful incidents, storing evidences, finding suspects, investigating, issuing arrest warrants and arresting suspects, prevention of criminal displacement and eventually to court procedures. In addition, the solutions can also be further enhanced by other technologies such as palmprint scan, iris scan, face recognition, and e-payment and secured transaction.

Company: CDGS