Education Administration Enhancement Solutions

CDG Group is specialized in developing and implementing a customized system for many industries including education, security and others.

CDG Group has a state-of-the-art accurate and transparent Test Scoring Management solution for both public and private sectors, such as examination scoring system for universities and governmental offices, and a language proficiency assessment system. We also distribute and lease out high-speed scoring machines along with software and answer-sheets. We take care of machine installation and end-to-end scoring process. Additionally, for organizations looking for more cost-effective solutions, we offer scoring services with Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) technology, imported from Scantron – the well-known educational solution provider in education industry in USA, to increase transparency and cut off errors in the process.

Online enrollment system allows educational institutions to manage comprehensive admission processes which allows applicants to manage their applications via the Internet such as preparation of profiles, photos, required documents, self-service payment through available channels, exam ID printing, examination result check and result submission to organizations of origin. The system prevents stand-in examiners of applicants and simultaneously transmits applicant’s information to registration system of the educational institutions after the announcement of admission result and self-report for admission. Besides educational institutions, these solutions can also be applied to other member subscription, competition enrollment, and job application.

CDG Group has total ID Card solutions and Smart Card solutions, both contact and contactless. We also add-in security technology for the card system, for instance, holograms and fluorescent ribbons to prevent counterfeiting cards and to ensure cards are ready to use. Comprehensive personal information such as the person’s name, address, date of birth, personal photo as well as fingerprint are stored and transmitted to the database center. This information serves as an individual reference which can be applied in several purposes. Therefore, the solutions are well-suited to organizations with massive registration activities such as student data storage in educational institutes, employee data, or population data in a local administration.

Company: CDT