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We take pride, for which no value can be given, in being part of an organization and providing services to all Thais…
We take pride, for which no value can be given, in being part of an organization and providing services to all Thais…
We are proud to be part of the movement leading the Thai information technology industry to comparable capacity as at the international level. We are also behind many national level projects in all sectors, for which all Thais receive services on a daily basis.
We are proud to be part of the movement leading the Thai information technology industry to comparable capacity as at the international level. We are also behind many national level projects in all sectors, for which all Thais receive services on a daily basis.


Looking for a chance to live and work abroad ?
Experience new culture ? Make new friend ?
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  • Sale Executive

    “This is an organization which will lay a solid work foundation, opening doors, allowing one to apply what they have learned in the classroom, adding to real work experience.”

    Sale Executive
  • General Manager

    “CDG is a melting pot of experts from a variety of industries, providing the one with an opportunity to shine. This is definitely an organization which challenges your capacity.”

    General Manager
  • Sales Representative

    “I am most impressed by the work atmosphere. There is warmth among colleagues, and you get to work with highly talented individuals who are good role models, pushing you to continuously improve.”

    Sales Representative


Core Values

1. Innovation - be continuously innovative
2. Caring - take care of our colleagues, customers and society
3. Trustworthy - be a credible, trusted and dependable partner
4. Dynamic - be fast, agile and constantly improving
5. Determination - be determined, dedicated and attentive for excellence


Prepare for the AEC, as a learning organization providing training both in-country and abroad, sharing knowledge and experience.



Create happiness at work, performance-based compensation, opportunity for growth and Fast-Track, listen to employee feedback and ready to implement change for the happiness of all.


For the sustainable development of the country, share knowledge, support education among youth, encourage social responsibility among employees and instill a sense of sharing and caring for the environment and communities.


Opportunity & Development

CDG Group has expertise in providing comprehensive information technology services, operating in a competitive and open market. It is necessary to provide the best services or products to our customers. The most important factor in achieving that goal is “developing our employees into knowledgeable and capable individuals who are able to work efficiently as a team.”
Therefore we give importance to human resources development whether it be through training and development in the company, sending employees to receive training, to seminars or site visits in Thailand and abroad.

Welfare & Benefits

CDG sees the importance of the welfare and livelihood of employees, not just to the work delivered.  Therefore the following benefits are provided:
In order for employees to be healthy and relieve the cost burden in terms of care:

  • Annual check-up
  • Health insurance both for inpatient and outpatient care, and dental work for which employees can choose from two plans that are needs appropriate.
  • Fitness facility
Life and accident insurance
Provided as a guarantee for employees and their families should an unforeseen event happen and will help lessen the burden.

  • Life insurance of 20-60 times monthly salary
  • Accident insurance and disability
Provident fund
This is security for employees in the future and savings which can be used in an emergency. The fund has three investment options and employees can choose the option which best suits them.
Financial assistance
In order to alleviate any troubles or as assistance to help lessen various burdens faced by employees

• Financial assistance for children
• Financial assistance in the case of death of an employee
• Financial assistance in the case of death of immediate family members
• Financial assistance in the case of any damages due to disasters

The Company provides various types of leave

• Annual leave
• Personal leave
• Sick leave/maternity leave
• Leave in the case of the death of father-mother-children of the employee
• Marriage leave
• Leave for religious purposes, ordainment leave and Hajj
• Other types of leave according to the law
• Period of employment awards

• Residential loans at special interest rates

The Wisdom of Sharing

The CDG Group instills a sense of volunteerism and encourages employees to volunteer and learn to share for the common good in society. Opportunities are made allowing employees to participate in activities such as donating books and education tools to children and youth every month, which are collected and donated to schools in need. Employees are also given the opportunity to participate in our corporate social responsibility activity, “Bang-Pan-Pun-Ya” from day one of starting at CDG.

"Bang-Pan-Pun-Ya" Activity


Our People

We encourage our employees to work with happiness, as if we are part of the same family. We emphasize building relationships and a good atmosphere at work by organizing activities focused on building relationships. We have created a good work environment, with equipment and technology at ones’ fingertips, allowing creativity to flow.
We provide employees with the opportunity to show their skills through different activities, acting as a stage for employees to shine in different ways, both as a person and in teams.

  • Hackathon


    Social Network Mobile Application Competition


  • Pi Camp

    Pi Camp

    Encourage employees to have fun and be innovative with Raspberry Pi

  • Innovation Award

    Innovation Award

    Competition venue for innovative and creative ideas for the organization and customers

The Power of Wisdom Day

To help employees better understand “The Power of Wisdom” brand and lead to new creative innovations under a unique concept,with experts from a variety of industries present to share their knowledge and experience as well as the meaning of “wisdom” from different perspectives.
  • The Power of Wisdom day
The Wisdom of Creativity

    The Power of Wisdom day The Wisdom of Creativity

    Creative New Steps, by Khun Prapas Chosaranon

  • The Power Of Wisdom Day
The Wisdom Of Aec

    The Power Of Wisdom Day The Wisdom Of Aec

    Get Your English Ready For  AEC, by Chris Delivery

  • The Power of Wisdom day
The Wisdom of Innovation

    The Power of Wisdom day The Wisdom of Innovation

    “Ignite Your Ideas by Thinking Outside the Box” by Khun Niewklom (Roundfinger)


Next Generation of CDG

The student internship program is an important channel for learning how CDG operates. Students will gain valuable experience, an opportunity to work, operate as a team as well as develop various skills which are important for future work.
Students will also have the chance to develop abilities and explore, finding true passion as a start to a bright and stable future. Those who are capable and outstanding, fitting the needs of CDG have an opportunity to work with CDG following graduation.  The CDG Group is happy to provide the opportunity to 3rd and 4th year university students, from all disciplines and want to intern with CDG under two options:
  • Short term internship of 1-2 months
  • Long term internship of 4-6 months
(Cooperative Internship Program – students who want to intern under this program must go through the Company selection process and be evaluated as if an employee of the Company)

  • University students, both Thai and English language programs
  • Show an interest in and have a desire to learn about the information technology business and have a positive outlook on working
  • Creative and desire to develop oneself
  • Confident and ready to listen to opinions from others
  • Able to work with others well and have a positive outlook towards others
  • Transcript
  • Resume
  • Copy of ID Card
  • Copy of Housing Registration
  • Picture
Interested students please send your resume to the Human Resource Department – Recruitment, CDG Group :
Or request additional information at 02-678-0200 Ext. 2875 – 6

International Internship

The CDG Group is preparing for the ASEAN Economic Community, or AEC by providing the opportunity for students from international institutions to intern in various areas. The students will experience working as a team, have the opportunity to learn on the job, organization culture and Thai culture while employees will have the chance to experience other cultures and increase capacity in use of English. This allows for the exchange of work experience, as well as participating in activities together, strengthening relationships and creating a good work atmosphere.

Interested person please send your resume to the Corporate Communications Department, CDG Group;
Or contact +66 2678-0200, ext. 2994, 2995 or 2997 for more information.

It’s your chance and it’s your time!


Our Recognition

2015 – "Thailand’s 7th SMEs National Awards 2015"
NOSTRA, the leading online navigation services and digital map provider under CDG Group Thailand, won Thailand’s 7th SMEs National Awards 2015 for its creativity business and product design.
The award was given to K. Wichai Saenghirunwattana, the general manager of Globetech Co., Ltd., by Air Chief Marshall Prachin Chantong, the current  Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand.
This SMEs Awards Competition Activity was organized by Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP), at Thai Army Club Viphavadi.


2014 – “SOS Featuring Energy Award 2013”
CDG Group, a leading IT solution service provider had recently recieved the outstanding energy saving award, “SOS Featuring Energy 2013”, The Ministry of Energy, presented by Permanent Secretary for Energy Mr. Suthep Liamsiricharoen. The award is considered the decreasing units of electricity usage comparing to the previous year and future plan of replacing the existing electricity appliances with eco-friendly facilities.

2007 – Frost & Sullivan 2007 ASEAN Automotive Awards
In 2007, Globetech Co., Ltd. which at the time was the navigation department at ESRI (Thailand) Co., Ltd. a company in the CDG Group received the Frost & Sullivan 2007 ASEAN Automotive Awards for “Business Development Strategy for Navigation (Thailand)” under the Navigation Systems category. We are very proud about this award as it is a guarantee of product  and service quality in the automobile navigation systems industry.
The Frost & Sullivan 2007 ASEAN Automotive Awards is an award the Frost & Sullivan, a leading consulting firm gives on an annual basis to provide recognition to companies which develop innovative strategy in the automotive industry, are outstanding and a business model.

1989 – Computer World Smithsonian Awards
Control Data (Thailand) Ltd. a company in the CDG Group, provided services to the Department of Provincial Administration, Ministry of Interior on the Identification Card Numbering Project and was given the Computer World Smithsonian Awards in Washington, D.C. in 1989.  This was in recognition of having introduced the use of computers in the Identification Card numbering and received great success at the same time as being beneficial for society overall.  A group of 100 CEOs from around the world vote on this award, given to those who use technology in ways that create a difference and benefit society.

CDG - The Power of Wisdom