How do I submit an online application for CDG?

When visiting our website, please should select the position of their interest that is relevant to their qualifications. Complete the form by providing all required information. Additionally, prepare to upload the following documents: 1. Resume, 2. Educational Transcript, and 3. Past works. Once everything is completed, the application process is finished!

Can I apply for more than one position?

You can select more than one position. Feel free to apply for the position you are interested in, and up to two more positions.

Can interns send an application through the CDG website?

Interns can absolutely send in an application via CDG’s website! Be sure to select the position of ‘Intern’.

How will I know if I have successfully sent in the application?

Once the application is completed, you will receive a confirmation email.

If I have completed my application with CDG but have not been contacted for an interview, what might the reason be?

When evaluating candidates, we look at the qualities, responsibilities, and past experiences of each candidate relevant to the role. To avoid this from happening, it is in your best interest to send in all relevant documents during the application.

If I didn’t pass the interview round, can I send in another application?

Please feel free to re-send an application. However, if the application is for the same position, the company reserves the right to evaluate the previous application to determine whether the candidates will proceed to the interview round or not. If you do pass the interview round, the company may suggest another position that is a better fit within the company.

If I don’t have experience within the IT industry, can I still apply?

CDG is open to candidates for other non-IT related positions based on our business’ needs. You can check out our open positions via CDG’s website.

If I have not completed an enlistment, can they still work for CDG?

You can send in an application. However, the company will wait until the enlistment is completed to consider the application.

What are the facilities or benefits that CDG offers for better work-life balance?

CDG offers flexible working hours, fitting the needs of each employee’s lifestyle. We also encourage our employees to be healthy, both physically and mentally. The company offers free usage of the gym at our headquarters. There are other employee benefits as well, such as an annual bonus, vacation leave, provident funds, annual health check-up, and insurance.

What are the working hours at CDG?

CDG offers flexible working hours at our headquarters. Employees can clock in any time between 7AM and 9PM and will be expected to complete a 9-hour workday (including a 1-hour break), the usual workdays are Monday to Friday. The company has a “Work from Anywhere” policy two days a week. This policy may be subject to change depending on the department.

What can I do if my application is unsuccessful?

If the application is unsuccessful, the candidate can contact us at TA-CDG@cdg.co.th for further assistance or inquiries.