1. Preventative Maintenance: We provide maintenance as well as system testing to ensure computers and other peripherals meet standard requirements, to extend the working life of the equipment as well as to ensure that all equipment is in optimum condition. In addition to this, customers have access to our onsite services, where our specialists can provide their expert advice and help resolve any problems at the customer’s location.

2. Corrective Maintenance: We provide repair and general troubleshooting services for computers and/or other computer accessories that aren’t functioning properly. We have many specialists who have received training and are experienced in repairing computers and their parts. These specialists are certified by the product manufacturer, to ensure customer confidence in our services.

3. Emergency Hotline: We provide customers with a modern solution to any problems they may face, so that customers can be sure that any problems they report are resolved as soon as possible, with a detailed report on what the specific problem is. We provide customers with advice, as well as recommendations for ways to best utilise the equipment.

4. Spare Parts Maintenance (Hardware Maintenance): We provide customers with spare parts for their computers and other accessories, guaranteeing that customers’ computers can be repaired for continual, efficient use. Most importantly, our abiding philosophy is that the customer’s problem is our problem – in the event that a customer’s computer is defective or damaged, we’re happy to replace the computer or piece of equipment, so that customers are able to enjoy our products without any interruptions.