GlobeTech Company Limited

GlobeTech Company Limited

Founded in 2008, GlobeTech Co., Ltd. provides digital mapping and location content solutions across Southeast Asia under the brand name “NOSTRA.” With a highly experienced team of more than 20 years of experience in survey and mapping production technology, the company offers a wide range of GeoData services for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Business Intelligence software. It also offers NOSTRA online map services in Thailand and AEC through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), as well as map data services for GPS navigation, including in-car, on mobile devices, or as software. GlobeTech has been partnering with its business alliances to continue developing its services to ensure different various requirements of its customers are met.

Map Content

1 .GeoData (Map for GIS)
GeoData is a set of highly-accurate digital map data that covers the entire Southeast Asian region and can be used in conjunction with GIS and Business Intelligence software for site analysis to improve business management. It includes spatial data in the form of linked maps with attribute data or databases that users can display and analyze to make informed decisions for business planning and management and strategic marketing planning, such as opening new branches and analyzing service areas. GeoData include:

1.1. Standard Layers, such as administrative boundary, municipality, road, transportation, and water source;
1.2. Additional Layers, such as postcode boundary, village location, and city plan map;
1.3 Special Features, such as network dataset, 3D model, and indoor map;
1.4 Special Fields, such as road elevation and village location.

2. Extra Content
Extra Content is a set of specialized and in-depth data that provides additional features about location information across various dimensions. It can be used to analyze and develop business plans, marketing strategies, and product and service development plans. It can also be used to project future business opportunities, evaluate target customer demographics and their purchasing power in different areas. Extra Content data that covers a wide range of categories, such as parking space, auto service, market, real estate, tourist attraction, and restaurant.

3. Demographic Content
Demographic Content is a set of highly realistic population data comprehensively gathered from various sources, including the government, state-owned enterprises, and private entities. It can be useful for businesses looking to analyze potential areas for business expansion, developing service plans, constructing new buildings, expanding new branches, or planning sales in different areas for efficient and cost-effective business management. The data is categorized into three sets as follows:

3.1. Thailand Demographic Data: A set of population data across Thailand displayed in a tabular format, including gender, age, education, and average household income;
3.2. Gridded Population Daytime: A set of data showing the density of the population during daytime, represented in various color grids;
3.3. Gridded Population Nighttime: A set of data showing the density of the population during nighttime, represented in various color grids.

4. Map for Navigation
Map for Navigation is a set of data for NOSTRA navigation systems, which has long been accepted in the GPS car navigation device market. It is the most detailed and accurate GPS navigation system in Thailand, and the most accepted among leading GPS companies, such as GARMIN, Speednavi, and top car manufacturers, such as MG, Toyota, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, and Nissan.

Online Map Service

1. NOSTRA Online Map Service
NOSTRA Online Map Service is a set of online map data of Thailand that is accessible via the NOSTRA MAP API, which includes a variety of maps in different formats to meet diverse needs, such as streetmaps and street hybrid line, as well as a variety of basemap functions in four service groups, including Map API, Place API, Route API, and Road API. It enables users to search for locations, identify current positions, and calculate routes in various formats according to types of transportation, including private vehicles or multimodal transportation. In addition, it comes with Special Dynamic Content, which can gauge traffic conditions, road accidents, weather conditions, recommended dining venues, and fuel prices, to better facilitate the user traveling experience.

1.1. NOSTRA Truck Map: A set of map data designed for truck routes to improve algorithm efficiency for route planning and fleet management software, such as TMS and logistics applications;
1.2. SOS API Service: A platform for coordinating assistance services, such as emergency notifications for accidents, calling for help when a vehicle breaks down, calling an ambulance, reporting missing persons, reporting burglaries, and reporting fires, to provide 24-hour service with ready-to-integrate APIs that can be connected to other applications.

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