Geographic Information System Technology, the Department of Housing Development Studies, the National Housing Authority

BY esri, gisc

In collaboration with the Department of Housing Development Studies under the National Housing Authority, CDG Group has developed an IT system that integrates physical, economic, and social data into a comprehensive GIS database and mapping system. The system includes surveying, a database for low-income households, community location and boundaries, housing density, and national housing projects. It utilizes aerial photography technology and field data collection to analyze geographical maps. The GIS system plays a crucial role in providing accurate data and conducting thorough analysis. In one specific case, it effectively addressed the initial decline of low-income housing projects, leading to the conclusion that additional projects were unnecessary, thereby minimizing potential damage. Continuous efforts have resulted in the establishment of a comprehensive GIS database for the National Housing Authority. This database encompasses various data, ranging from densely populated communities to housing projects, and includes information on unit and house numbers. The utilization of GIS map analysis software has significantly improved decision-making and efficiency among officials. It is widely recognized that the National Housing Authority is at the forefront of leveraging GIS technology for effective urban housing management, which has yielded significant benefits. Moreover, the GIS system extends its analysis capabilities to rural areas, including creating community mapping to address household issues and support the establishment of rural settlements, resolving challenges associated with establishing settlements, including recurring flooding, and managing compensation costs during disasters or any incidents for each household with effective verification.