Customer Data Management and Vehicle Tracking System at Boon Rawd Trading Company Limited

BY esri, gisc, gt

Building upon previous logistical challenges, CDG Group and Boon Rawd Trading Company Limited have collaborated to harness the power of GIS technology in enhancing their management systems. This partnership brings about a range of improvements, including customer database updates, salesperson route planning, delivery route optimization, and real-time vehicle tracking for work status verification. Prior to this collaboration, the organizations encountered several obstacles, such as: Overlapping sales territories leading to discrepancies between the number of stores and sales personnel. Unplanned work activities that posed challenges in monitoring and tracking progress. Insufficient visit planning, resulting in missed sales opportunities. With the implementation of GIS technology and the utilization of Location Intelligence, the service delivery model has undergone a significant transformation. The system leverages the Thai basemap data from NOSTRA as an initial reference for building an up-to-date customer database. Moreover, online map services are provided through smartphones to capture precise customer locations. Through data analysis, travel routes are planned, transportation of goods is optimized, and real-time tracking systems monitor vehicle movements, enabling instant access to information and work status updates. As a result, operational costs are reduced while efficiency and productivity are enhanced.