Central Geographic Data Service System Development Project, Bangkok

BY esri, gisc

CDG Group, with the Strategy and Evaluation Office and City Planning and Urban Development, has developed a centralized geographic data service system to support the urban planning missions of Bangkok and various agencies. This integration leverages software, database resources, and operational support programs, with GIS playing a pivotal role in data collection and organization for internal agencies in Bangkok. Previously lacking a user-friendly system to access a large volume of existing data, the implementation of a Geographic Information System (GIS) enables agencies to work conveniently, rapidly, and with increased efficiency.

Building Control Management System Project for Building Database Preparation in Bangkok, Building Control Division, Bangkok’s Public Works Department

BY gisc

CDG Group, in collaboration with Bangkok's Public Works Department, revolutionizes building control operations through an advanced management system. This groundbreaking solution establishes a comprehensive building database for the Building Control Division, enhancing convenience for the public via an avant-garde online platform. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, it streamlines permission applications and document processing, eliminating redundancy for optimized work management, intelligent categorization, and seamless building classification. Moreover, this transformative solution amplifies the agility of data retrieval, enabling rapid access to vital information crucial for off-site disaster management units. In addition, the company pioneers an advanced information and geographic data system, managing 9 building types and associated documents across Bangkok South, Huai Khwang District, and Bang Phlat District. Covering over 5,000 buildings, the system optimizes data retrieval and presentation, aligning seamlessly with the government's E-Government policy.

Integrated Geographic Information System Development Project for Bangkok City Management

BY esri, gisc

CDG Group, in collaboration with the City Planning and Urban Development Department, is spearheading the development of an advanced Geographic Information (GI) Platform tailored for urban management. This cutting-edge platform harnesses the power of diverse ongoing projects, seamlessly integrating high-resolution mapping and imagery services. Empowered by a sophisticated network infrastructure, it enables seamless data analysis, provisioning, and dissemination for internal units, external organizations, and the wider user base. As part of a transformative endeavor, the project is set to establish a centralized data ecosystem, driving unparalleled efficiency in managing Bangkok's urban landscape. This includes streamlined urban planning, agile city management, seamless integration, dynamic service provision, robust linkage, and efficient data exchange with both internal and external stakeholders.