Improvement Project for Safety Zone of Aviation, the Department of Civil Aviation

Entrusted by the Department, CDG Group was appointed to develop a digital system to improve the safety zone of aviation. This safety inspection system includes the preparation of electronic terrain and obstacle data (ETOD), essential information for security requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). ETOD has been applied to manage and control the construction surrounding the airports, and enhance security management of aviation in all 26 airports under the supervision of the Department of Civil Aviation. ETOD has also been used to analyze risk areas and identify areas with security-related concerns for aviation from obstruction and identification surface, which requires a precise data map in reconciliation with field survey to create a validated basemap under the specification of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Furthermore, CDG Group adopted GIS (Geographic Information System) technology to capture digital terrain elevation data with LiDAR system, and took a field survey of all masts and buildings around Thai airports,  recorded in digital format, allowing them to be searched in the GIS program. This allowed staff from the Department to utilize the software to analyze and approve the license without duplication of field surveys, reducing processing time and cutting operation costs.

With our expertise in geographic surveys and GIS applications, the Department of Civil Aviation needs were fully addressed. The results were immediate: reduction of processing time to issue each license (originally about 2 weeks down to less than 3 days), which earned positive feedback from applicants.

Company: GISC

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