Map Service for Electricity Transmission System and Area Management, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)

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CDG Group, in partnership with EGAT, has developed a comprehensive system for map data provision and management of the transmission and high-voltage power network. This system handles power transmission, spatial management, and land rights and property management within the high-voltage infrastructure. It also manages data related to power generation assets, government agencies, private sectors, and the public interacting with high-voltage transmission lines. The geographic information system stores data on high-voltage power stations, right-of-way (ROW) areas, power pole locations, transmission line routes, forests, transportation routes, water boundaries, land plots, land valuation, and other property details, including aerial and satellite imagery. Surveys and data collection are conducted at 1:50,000 and 1:4,000 scales, depending on the application.

The high-voltage power geographic information system is extensively used across the organization, encompassing headquarters, operational divisions, and nationwide power stations. Accessible via web and mobile applications, an organization-wide geographic information system (EGAT GIS Portal) provides centralized map services. It facilitates planning, decision-making, design, construction, maintenance, and power system service provision. Additionally, it enables the creation of maps and reports for crucial data types, serving management, engineers, and general users.

GIS plays a vital role in streamlining data recording and surveying. It covers a wide range of data, including power infrastructure like poles and lines, land plots, trees, buildings, and internal high-voltage power network information. It also incorporates property ownership records, valuation, and replacement costs. Leveraging digital orthophotos from LiDAR technology, it facilitates diverse data categorization and surveying, notably for detecting right-of-way encroachments and assessing power line sag distances. This system identifies maintenance areas and conserves the high-voltage power system while enabling the creation of new transmission routes from domestic and international power sources.


ArcGIS for Personal Use to map what you need professionally

Esri (Thailand) Co., Ltd., sold distributor of the world-class enterprise Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from Esri, Inc. introduces ArcGIS for Personal Use

Esri (Thailand) organizes Thai GIS User Conference for the Next Generations (TUC Next Gen 2017): “The Science of Where for Thailand 4.0” for the first year.

Esri (Thailand) Co. Ltd., leading Geographic Information System (GIS) total solution provider invites instructors and students to join the Thai GIS User Conference for the Next Generations (TUC Next Gen 2017) under the topic "The Science of Where for Thailand 4.0" .

Provincial Electricity Authority receives 2017 SAG Award from Esri, Inc.

Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) Governor, Sermsuk Klaikaew (third from right), Deputy Governor for Information and Communications Technology, Suwat Chiochanchai (second from left) and Deputy Director of Human Resource Development, Pradit Fuangfoo (second from right) jointly receive the Special Achievement in GIS Award (SAG Award) 2017

Esri Thailand joins KMUTT to build GIS Excellence Centre

Esri (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the world’s leading GIS software developer from USA, in cooperation with King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) have agreed to collaborate in fostering the GIS development for advance knowledge and understanding by together establishing the GIS Excellence Center where ArcGIS software, GIS experts and training courses are prepared and supported by Esri Thailand.

1st GIS Health Care Seminar & Workshop

ESRI (THAILAND) CO., LTD joining force with KMUTT organizes “GIS Health Care Seminar & Workshop #1/2017” with the objective of educating and introducing the benefit of GIS Technology for Health Care Industry.

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