GIS Basemap for Well-beings of People, the Department of Housing Development Studies under the National Housing Authority

In 2003, CDG Group participated in the development of IT systems for the Department of Housing Development Studies under the National Housing Authority. We designed a database and Geographic Information System (GIS) which provided physical information of residential areas, household economy, and social information in order to support the operations of the National Housing Authority.

In 1975, the National Housing Authority completed a residential development plan, using orthophotos for birds-eye views of streets and housing developments. The exercise helped analyze and evaluate the highly populated area, and assisted in determining GPS coordinates required to conduct further ground surveys for more precise details, such as house numbers, resident information, irrigation system, community leaders, etc. Until 2001, there was an academic-based development plan which covered research on housing issues, community databases of the low-income, community housing databases, and private sector’s projects in the form of information technology; this was the initial opportunity for CDG Group to work with the National Housing Authority.

CDG Group conducted ground surveys and developed a database of low-income communities e.g. location and community boundary, number of households, number of households per area, etc. We applied both orthophoto technology, GIS mapping services, and field staff to collect information and assist in geographic map analytics, showing locations of public project plans as well as housing projects of private sector. CDG Group also conducted a study to apply modern technologies and computer science to support the operations of the Housing office. Our technology has delivered accurate data and functionality. It helps analyze the demand-supply of urban housing. For instance, there was a 600,000-unit oversupply of the Baan Aur-arthorn projects (the government residential housing projects), due to abrupt changes in demands at the time. CDG performed a market analysis and concluded that it was inappropriate to construct additional projects. This prevented damages from excessive project costs and backlogs.

With our ongoing commitment, the National Housing Authority has been fully equipped with location base service using the GIS system with a complete range of information, from highly populated area, national housing projects, accommodation units, house numbers, to software which supports data map analysis enabling officers to make decisions and work effectively. The National Housing Authority was considered a pioneer who proficiently adopted GIS in the management of urban housing and achieved visibly favorable outcomes.

GIS technology is further applied to information analysis and development programs related to a countryside community e.g. community mapping to address problems of each household, village establishment, development of government alleviation program in case of confronting disasters, residential settlement problems, recurrent flooding in some areas, compensation program for each household. This technology helps monitor that services and assistance from the government reach the countryside communities quickly.

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