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CDG executive, Dr. Thanaporn Thitisawat has achieved a notable feat by winning the “Leader of Technology” award in the Technology category at the esteemed Future Trends Ahead & Awards 2024 event.

CDGS ร่วม กกพ. ปิดโครงการ พัฒนาระบบจัดการข้อมูลและการวิเคราะห์ข้อมูลเพื่อการกํากับกิจการพลังงาน (Data science and analytics) โดยเชื่อมโยงกับแพลตฟอร์มการแบ่งปันข้อมูล (ERC Data Sharing)

CDG and KMUTNB Expedite Coding Trainer to Support Digital Labour Markets

CDG and Mahidol University’s Faculty of ICT work on chatbot technology and website developments to support the Khlong Mahasawat Community as a social enterprise, seeing the number of visitors growing over 50%

NOSTRA LOGISTICS reveals a 20% growth in the logistics market Announces new products to serve the smart logistics market

CDG and KMUTNB team up to launch the “CDG Code Their Dreams: Public Training” project to develop quality personnel to meet digital world’s needs.

JS100, NOSTRA and Huawei announce the official agreement in developing IoT platform “Tamroi” to encourage business transformation and social services in Thailand

CDG and the Faculty of ICT, Mahidol University, co-hosts the “Mahasawat English Website” design competition and the award and certificate presentation ceremony under the learning development program to support digital tourism of the Khlong Mahasawat community

Garmin unveils the MARQ series: a collection of lifestyle-inspired luxury smart watches on its 30th anniversary

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Tech firm CDG targets four key markets in region

CDG Group, a local information-technology company, yesterday unveiled its business plan for Asean, which will focus on four key markets: Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar.

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Veteran IT company set sights on AEC

CDG Group, a Thai company that has been in the IT business for 45 years, aims to be among the top-10 IT firms in Asean by 2015.

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Bang-Pan-Pun-Ya: Weaving Dreams for Children

Because building a strong educational foundation for Thai youths—as they are the future of our nation—is the path to sustainable development. For over 45 years, the CDG Group has not only committed itself to providing the best IT solutions and services, but also to sharing knowledge and experience with society. The group has therefore initiated “The Wisdom of Sharing,” a project that constantly organizes activities with social benefits. “We’ve been organizing the Second-Hand Computer Project since 2005 to donate second-hand computers to needy schools with underprivileged children in rural areas, offering them the opportunity to receive education on par with students in urban areas and garner benefits from the internet. So far, over 20,000 students from more than 90 schools across the country have benefited from this project,”said Nart Liewcharoen, CEO of CDG Group and G-ABLE Group. The corporate culture of the CDG Group has shaped and encouraged a volunteer spirit within the organization, regularly allowing the employees to take part in social activities, including the monthly donations of books and school equipment to needy schools for the benefit of children’s education and the opportunities for new employees to take part in social activities from day one at CDG. Bang-Pan-Pun-Ya is an educational project that promotes learning among Thai children as they are the future of our nation. The uniqueness of this activity is the continuity of the project. The team from CDG will regularly hold meetings with schools in order to learn about their needs and then conceive a tailored plan for each school so that their needs can be truly met. Wat Khlong Phum School is a school under the supervision of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and is where the CDG Group carried out the Bang-Pan-Pun-Ya project for five months (February-June 2013). From what the team gathered, the school lacked several key elements to good education including educational books and a library that had a good reading atmosphere. What prompted the team to carry out the project was the fact that the children there did not love to read, yet. The information the team had collected was used to conceive a long-term plan, beginning with improving the appearance and facilities of the school’s library and filling bookshelves with over 1,000 academic schools donated by the employees. The team also shared knowledge in basic library management with the teachers so that they could further develop the library to promote reading and learning. We believe that reading is the foundation for wisdom that can create opportunities and realize dreams. We further promoted learning by initiating the “Rak-Aarn, Rak-Nang-sue” (Love Reading, Love Your Books) activity, a reading competition and the “Ban-na-rak-noi” (My Dream Library) painting contest. Winners had the opportunity to visit KidZania Bangkok, an indoor theme park where children have a role play and perform jobs. Joining the students were kids from the Mahamek Home for Boys. It was a great opportunity for the CDG Group to really help needy children to fulfill their dreams. From a small beginning, our sharing activities have become a model for the realization of many other dreams. The CDG Group now has a plan to further the Bang-Pan-Pun-Ya activity at Wat Pariwas School by upgrading the library’s searching and borrowing and returning systems to international standards. According to the team’s survey, the school still lacks such systems, thus hindering the students’ learning opportunities. It will be a good opportunity for the company to come in and help close the gap in children’s education. With every step we take, the CDG Group is committed to sharing knowledge and experience with society as we realize that the youths are a valuable resource for the development of the country. Grooming the children to be quality, eager-to-learn students is the starting point for them to become valuable citizens in society so that they can use their knowledge and aptitude to develop the country for sustainable growth in the future.  

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