Application Services

Strengthen Government Services with a Mobile Application and Get All the Services in Just One Click

CDG Group has also developed other technologies to support the work efficiency of state enterprises in providing effective public services such as the Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to collect data

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Simplify Government and State Enterprise Operations

The larger the organization, the superior its management system should be. CDG Group has been of great help in the development of state-of-the-art technology for government and state enterprise operations.

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A Better Disbursement System for Effective Public Administration

With the Public Administration system developed by CDG Group, you can ensure smoother government processes across different services including disbursement, payroll management, budget control, and government personnel management.

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Get Notified of Any Power Outages So You Can Have Peace of Mind

Be notified of any electricity or plumbing problems with Geographic Information System (GIS).

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Make Things Easy on a Large Database Management System

Content management services can be a valuable resource for handling complex, large database systems. CDG Group offers a wide range of services, including database design, data analysis, and retrieval methods, all with a strong emphasis on speed, accuracy, and security.

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E-Meeting System for Your Perfect Work from Home Experience

Make your remote work life easy and create real productivity with the comprehensive E-Meeting that helps you organize meetings efficiently whether it be coordinating, recording meetings, storing any necessary electronic media used in meetings

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