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Never Get Lost with Garmin Navigation Technology

Garmin, the world’s best-selling Global Positioning System (GPS), is ready to guide you to any place in the world.

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Exercise Effectively with More Fun & Boost Your Motivation with Garmin Smartwatch

Perfect for both professional athletes and beginners, these watches are equipped with advanced features to enhance the efficiency of your exercise routines, be it running, cycling, golfing, swimming, or diving. In addition to measuring heart rate and tracking sleep and stress levels,

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NOSTRA Map: A Search Assistant on The Go

NOSTRA Map is here to help you in every aspect of your journey. With NOSTRA Map, you can find locations with ease and save energy when traveling. The high-resolution map covers more than 2,000,000 points of interest (POI) in Thailand as well as map of 9 ASEAN countries with the highest accuracy.

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A Brand-New 24/7 Automated Business Assistant

All questions will be answered in a timely manner without requiring assistance from human agents.

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Eliminate Paper Waste with E-Receipt

Minimize the impact of your transactions on the environment with E-Receipt where operators can issue electronic receipts and send them via email to service users to view at any time, leading to less paper waste and lower cost.

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Make Every Transfer and Payment Easy with E-Payment system

It is more convenient to transfer funds, pay products, or provide payment services through an electronic/digital payment system on smartphones.

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