E-Citizen Services Solutions

Mobile Applications with a Continuing Care

CDG Group not only creates applications to meet users’ needs as best as possible, but also puts an emphasis on safety. We, therefore, provide integrated services including designing and developing mobile applications as well as consulting on workflow modifications,

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Electronically Verify Your Identity with Your ID Card with Ease

The identity verification service helps verify your identity in a faster and more convenient way while saving labor.

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Easily Pay Car Tax Across Thailand with One Stop Service

Say goodbye to car tax troubles. CDG Group has been entrusted by the Department of Land Transport to develop tax payment projects throughout Thailand without domicile restrictions. Any car tax can be paid at any transport office in all regions in Thailand. The One Stop Service takes one only 3-5 minutes for one to pay their car tax at Tesco Lotus, Big C, or drive-thru spots, providing privileged services to the public.

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Easily Link Border Passes

Manage boarding passes more conveniently with E-Border Pass that can link people’s information from the civil registration system database and the ID card database.

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Smart & Powerful Identification Cards

Enhance ID card issuance and management for with complete convenience, no matter how complicated printing ID cards is as it comes with various options suitable for any usage.

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D-FOCUS Queue Management Solution Streamlines Government Services Enhancing Public Convenience and Efficiency.

With the increasing demand for government services and a growing need for more efficient access, the D-FOCUS queue management solution offers a convenient way to streamline the process.

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