Make Aerial Data Collection Effortless with a High-Resolution Seamless Satellite Imagery

Experience high-resolution and functional aerial data collection through a wide array of services, including orthophoto and satellite images, satellite data storage, high-resolution scanning of aerial photographs, and aerial photographs and 3D model data processing.

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Accurately Select a Perfect Site for Your Projects with Spatial Analysis

Respond to every need of business people in analyzing potential locations, finding the most appropriate and best location to set up projects, branches, or retail stores by collecting demographic data such as the population of males and females according to age, income and occupation in each area, with important locations available on the software for more than 2,000,000 points across the country. These necessary information pieces are the main factors for potential calculation. The data can be displayed in a spatial form of a 1×1 square kilometer grid or displayed in the form of a heat map for more accurate information.

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Successfully Manage Your Business with Location Intelligence

This is the solution for all business people who are seeking to find a new location or wish to analyze a location before opening or closing a business.

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Prevent Duplication in Property Valuation with GIS Technology

Eliminate redundant property valuation tasks with our property valuation management system, which is equipped with Location-based Asset Management powered by GIS technology.

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Online Map Data Service through API Integration

Integrate APIs into your application to enable essential map functions, including location search, current location detection.

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Enhance the Efficiency of GIS with Accurate Data from NOSTRA GeoData.

Boost the productivity of your GIS technology by integrating NOSTRA GeoData.

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