Law Enforcement & Juristic Management Solutions

CDG Group has been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to be a part of the policy driver for the Royal Thai Police by developing a system that supports the work of police officers, specifically in crime prevention and suppression as well as law enforcement. One example of the solution is a mobile application in patrol cars that enabled users to quickly access important information and databases of the Royal Thai Police through the connection with a CCTV or a tablet installed in the car.

CDG has also developed an integrated solution through a database for driver license for the Royal Thai Police to tackle traffic problems, store history of driver licenses, and keep track of drivers’ violation against the traffic laws. The solutions connect the online system of the Royal Thai Police and the Department of Land Transport for driving license system, vehicle registration system, transportation information system, allowing officers to quickly check the history of vehicles and accidents, vehicles sequestration, and drivers’ behaviors. This project is an example of effective great collaboration of the two government agencies that supervise safety of lives and properties and the use of roads and vehicles.

CDG Group has also developed an immigration system which modernizes data investigation and monitoring up to international standards and integrates a database system among immigration offices nationwide, assisting officers to quickly and easily check history of passengers getting in-out the country history.

This also includes the development of an automated fingerprint identification system to support the mission of the Criminal Records Division of the Royal Thai Police in storing, inspecting, searching, and matching fingerprints, as well as exchanging criminal information within the organization.

Company: CDGS