CDG Systems Limited

CDG Systems Limited

CDG Systems Limited (CDGS) has been operating as a System Integrator for more than 50 years in the information technology (IT) industry. The company is dedicated to continuously developing technology to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, providing solutions for various industries. It has a team of skilled personnel who specialize in consulting, designing, and developing information systems, as well as providing post-sales services. Over the years, it has gained extensive experience in managing large-scale projects and has earned the trust of the government, state-owned enterprises, and numerous private companies in taking on many important projects throughout the country.

CDG Systems Solutions:

  1. Digital Government Solution: Development services of general IT management systems and digital solutions for large-scale organizations, government agencies, and state-owned enterprises;
  2. Specialized Solution (Tailor-Made Solution): Development services of comprehensive information technology systems tailored to the specific needs of large-scale organizations;
  3. Large and Extra-Large Content Management Solution: Management services of complex large-scale database systems, including designing, analyzing data usage, and developing reports, as well as optimizing data usage methods for maximum efficiency;
  4. Document Management Solution (FlowSoft: e-Signature, e-Saraban, e-Document and e-Meeting): In-organization digital data and document management services, including document storage, inter-departmental document transfer, backward searching, and complex database problem-solving;
  5. Big Data & Analytic Solution: Large-scale data management services for government and state enterprise organizations to optimize Big Data for maximum efficiency;
  6. Business Intelligence Solution: Development services of data presentation systems in the form of graphs and dashboards based on organizations’ information systems to respond to their business requirements and support their business analysis and decision-making;
  7. Private Cloud Solution: Cloud migration services, including setting up cloud-based work systems and providing Maintenance Service Agreement (MA) for cloud service systems;
  8. Security Solution: Comprehensive design and development services of biometric technology and cybersecurity systems, including system installation, log analysis, incident management, system forensic, information security management consulting, vulnerability check, and cyberattack protection services;
  9. IT Outsource Solution: IT personnel outsourcing services with in-organization system administrators, suitable for organizations requiring IT experts;
  10. Mobile Application Solution: Design and development services of mobile applications for both iOS and Android systems based on the specific requirements of organizations, by experienced specialists in this field.

Examples of Our Successes:

  • Project for the System and Data Integration of Driver’s License to Record the Driving History of License Holders and Record the Points of Traffic Offenders, Royal Thai Police.
  • Project for the Development of an Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) to Expedite and Improve the Accuracy of Fingerprint Analysis in Criminal Investigations, Royal Thai Police.
  • Project for the Implementation of Information Systems, Immigration Bureau, Royal Thai Police.
  • Project for the Information Management System for Document Administration, Ministry of Transport.
  • Project for the Installation, and Development of Computer Systems and Network Infrastructure for the Ministerial Operation Center (MOC), Ministry of Transport.
  • Project for the Installation, and Maintenance of Computer Systems and Equipment to Enhance the Efficiency of Public Service Operations, Department of Land Transport.
  • Project for the Development, Enhancement, and Expansion of the Electronic Budgeting System (e-Budgeting), the Bureau of Budget.
  • Project for the Consultancy Services on the Development of a Traceability System, National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards.
  • Project for the Installation and Configuration of Information Systems for Electronic Cabinet Meetings (CABNET), the Secretariat of the Cabinet.
  • War room development project for the office of the Administrative Court.
  • The Big Data Analysis & AI system project for the Behavior and Rehabilitation Cluster under the Ministry of Justice.
  • Project for Developing Information Systems to Support Loan Assistance for Economic and Social Recovery from COVID-19, Budget Bureau
  • Project for Developing a System to Support Electronic Vehicle Registration Transfer between TMB Bank and Thanachart Bank
  • Project for Developing a Data Linkage System for Vehicle Insurance Verification between the Department of Land Transport and the Office of Insurance Commission and the Thai General Insurance Association
  • AI System Project for Analysis, Diagnosis, and Research in Mental Health and Psychiatry, Department of Mental Health
  • e-Movement System Project for the Movement of Animals and Animal Carcasses – Department of Livestock Development
  • Project for Developing an Information System for e-Service Provision – Department of Social Welfare and Labor Protection
  • Project for Developing an Internal Computer Network Connectivity System for Patrol Cars – Royal Thai Police Headquarters
  • Cloud Computing System Project – Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Justice
  • e-Saraban Software as a Service on the Government Data Center and Cloud Service (GDCC) to support Digital e-Document projects which collaborating with DGA.
  • e-Signature System Development Project for Health Systems Research Institute (HSRI)
  • e-Saraban Software System for Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University
  • e-Saraban Software System for Provincial Administrative Organization of Suphanburi
  • e-Saraban Software System for Tabkwang City Municipality, Saraburi
  • Electronic Document Management and Storage (e-DMS) Project for Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine
  • e-Meeting Management System for Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine
  • Enterprise Management and Accounting System Project for Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand

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