Control Data (Thailand) Limited

Control Data (Thailand) Limited

Control Data (Thailand) Limited (CDT) began its operations as a data backup center before pivoting towards distributing computer mainframes to government agencies, state enterprises, and private companies, as a branch of Control Data Corporation, USA. In 1968, Mr Yiingyong Liuchareon, then Managing Director, acquired CDT from its parent company and registered it as a separate legal entity, the first affiliate of CDG Group. In 1976, CDT changed all its shareholders to Thai nationals with total executive authority, but retained the rights of being the exclusive distributor of products and services from Control Data Corporation (USA) Limited in Thailand.

Currently, CDT offers the following products and services:

  1. General Business and Government Solutions: IT system and digital transformation for both the public and private sectors
  2. Specialized Solutions: Total IT solutions tailored to client needs
  3. ID Card Solutions: Personal ID card services that prevent counterfeiting and provide efficient card issuance.
  4. Biometric Solutions: Advanced biometric technology for personal verification and identification using AI technology.
  5. Digital ID: One-stop digital personal identity verification platform conforming to international standards and standards issued by Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA)
  6. Digital Transformation Service: Digital workflow design and development and transaction authentication with Authenticator Assurance Level 2 (AAL 2), e.g., e-Payment, e-Receipt, e-Certificate and digital signatures.
  7. e-KYC: Digital identity verification service using national ID cards with Liveness Detection to prevent counterfeiting.
  8. Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Conversion of an image of the text on national ID cards into a readable text format and verification that actual national ID cards, and not copies, are being used.
  9. Government Exchange Data: Organization-connecting platform that is standard-compliant and secure
  10. Digital-Voting: A system that enables online voting which is convenient, fast, standard-compliant and secure
  11. Test Scoring Management Solutions: Comprehensive test scoring solutions that include score card printing, score analysis, assessment, and report generation for both criterion-referenced and norm-referenced tests.
  12. e-Transcript & e-Timestamp Solution: Creation of digital educational certificates, with signature and timestamp verification to prevent document fraud
  13. U-DSign: Comprehensive ID card printing solutions where users can design cards which support batch production
  14. e-Exam: Online examination organization, exam registration verification, personal identity verification for test takers, score analysis and processing and announcement of exam results
  15. House GIS: GIS system services where location coordinates are recorded and displayed in the GIS system
  16. Queue Management: Comprehensive online reservation and queueing services for greater convenience
  17. Asset Management: Management of assets and consumer durables, complete with storage, in the municipal asset management system, compatible with a local administration’s network (e-LAAS)


  • Design and development of the national identification card and numbering system, including the database of Thai population for the Ministry of Interior since 1983 – a solution that was awarded the Computer World Smithsonian Awards in Washington, D.C., for implementing computer technology to produce beneficial changes for society in 1990.
  • A one-stop service for civil registration and national ID cards in Bangkok
  • Alien card (pink card) services for nationals of Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia entering Thailand to work
  • E-Border Pass system for Thai nationals traveling to Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia.
  • Distribution of computer mainframes with Online Real-time Betting System to the Royal Turf Club for the first time in 1968.
  • House GIS procurement for Registration Information Phase I
  • Development of Linkage Center
  • Development of a central online platform for the Depart of Provincial Administration (DOPA Citizen Portal)
  • Development of Security Access Server (SAS), Department of Provincial Administration
  • Development of queueing system to improve public services regarding registration and ID cards, Department of Provincial Administration
  • Content Management System Amphoe App (Mobile Application) for administration purposes
  • Development of asset management for municipalities
  • Development of queueing system and satisfaction survey for municipalities
  • Development of application for permission for building construction for municipalities
  • Development of electronic application for DIFA TES exams and test results processing for Devawongse Varopakarn Institute of Foreign Affairs
  • Development of civil servant cards for the Personal Records and Pension Division, Royal Thai Army
  • Development of results processing system for general ability tests for the Office of the Civil Service Commission
  • Development of Past Examination Repository System for Thammasat University
  • Development of Hajj Pilgrim Registration System
  • Development of IT system for administration purposes for Volunteer Defense Corps
  • Development of electronic educational document system for Mae Fah Luang University
  • Development of digital personal ID verification (DOPA-Digital ID) and Face Verification System
  • Development of bill payment management system and issuing of receipts

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