Rental Project of Management and Accounting, Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand (DFPO)

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CDG Group has provided a rental service for various IT systems to support the development of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in various work systems such as accounting system, procurement/employment system, warehouse system, sales and promotion pricing system, human resource management system, (E-HR) by integrating those systems with the existing customers’ computer system.

Development Project of Electronic Signature System (E-Signature), Health Systems Research Institute

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CDG Group has developed an electronic signature system (E-Signature) for the Health Systems Research Institute to legally verify identities in digital platforms equivalent to physical documents, modernizing the system to enable easier and more efficient operations reliably, in line with the digital government policies.

Improvement Project of Electronic Archive System, the Department of Land Development

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E-Saraban Web App has been developed by CDG Group for the Department of Land Development to support any tasks on computers and mobile devices, both iOS and Android. It also supports electronic signatures (Digital Signature) with the ability to receive and send books to individuals while linking to the system according to TH e-Gif e-CMS Version 2.0 standard on Cloud, used since January 4, 2021 for a complete and continual use of the registration system for receiving and sending books at the group/department level under the Division/Bureau/ OCSC with E-signatures for any E-forms. The system also helps increase user convenience, greatly reduces paperwork problems, and helps with document/book storage and retrieval documents for the ultimate efficiency.

Installation Project of Electronic Archive System, Thap Kwang Municipality, Kaeng Khoi District, Saraburi Province

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CDG Group has installed the Electronic Archive System (E-Saraban) for Thap Kwang Municipality in the form of a Web Application through a web browser program to facilitate different operations whether it be receiving or sending government documents, the control of registration numbers, and receiving and sending books based on types. Another key feature added is the security system for accessing information which records user history and determines access rights to various information of the agency.

Development and Improvement Project of E-Saraban , Suphan Buri Provincial Administrative Organization

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CDG Group has developed the latest electronic archiving system (E-Saraban) for Suphan Buri PAO, which can be used through a new browser version on both iOS and Android mobile devices. It is well designed to solve the problem of overlapping programs that result in document problems and to develop the transmission of books between government sectors in accordance with the e-CMS 2.0 standard.

Electronic Document System Service, Digital Government Development Agency (Public Organization)

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CDG Group, in collaboration with the Digital Government Development Agency, has developed an efficient electronic archiving system (E-Saraban), Software as a Service on the G-Cloud system, to comply with the Office of the Prime Minister's Regulations on documents for government sectors with the purpose to reduce the burden of supplying servers for installation and reduce the cost of system maintenance. It also results in efficient information exchange between government sectors according to the National Information Exchange Standards Framework (TH e-GIF).

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