Development Project of Electronic Signature System (E-Signature), Health Systems Research Institute

BY cdgs

CDG Group has developed an electronic signature system (E-Signature) for the Health Systems Research Institute to legally verify identities in digital platforms equivalent to physical documents, modernizing the system to enable easier and more efficient operations reliably, in line with the digital government policies.

Development Project of AI Systems for Analysis, Diagnosis and Research in Mental Health and Psychiatry, the Department of Mental Health

BY cdgs

CDG Group, in collaboration with the Department of Mental Health, has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system to prevent mental health problems by collecting huge amounts of data from social networks using Big Data technology with the ability to store data and create an artificial intelligence platform, analyze mental health data, and learn behavior patterns and behavior problem risk trends to accurately predict their future actions.

Smart Health Project by NOSTRA: Supporting Hemophilia Research for Thai Hemorrhagic Disease Foundation

BY gt

CDG Group has developed the Smart Health platform by NOSTRA, supporting research on hemophilia for the Thai Hemorrhagic Disease Foundation. The project tracks patient activities and health data through GARMIN Smart Watches, connecting them to the Smart Health platform by NOSTRA. This platform utilizes Internet of Things (IoT) technology and data analytics to record, monitor, and analyze daily activities and exercise, leading to personalized health reports and plans. It enhances patient care efficiency and elevates the overall quality of life. Smart Health by NOSTRA is a Health Data Integration Platform that connects lifestyle and exercise activity data from Health Tracking Platforms. It consists of health software and smartwatch devices developed by the NOSTRA team. The platform includes a mobile application that summarizes user data and past activities, serving as a health diary, and a web application that allows health consultants to closely monitor customer data and provide accurate analysis. Both applications work in conjunction with the Health Data Portal Engine, which connects and collects health data from various Health Tracking Platforms onto a single platform for different applications or integration with organizational systems conveniently.