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Cloud Computing System Structure, the Office of the Permanent Secretary

BY cdgs

CDG Group has created a cloud computing system structure installed at the Ministry of Justice's Computer Center (Data Center) to respond to growing demand, increasing the efficiency in resource management and all backups of the ministry on cloud computing system with a security system.

Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) Project, the Royal Thai Police

BY cdgs

The goal is to lay a foundation of the IT system to develop the fingerprint directory information system and the criminal records adhering to international standards. CDG Group together with the Criminal Records Division, the Royal Thai Police, has developed an Automatic Fingerprint Identification Computer System (AFIS). This allows the workflow and processing to be accurate, fast, error-free and connects to important databases and functions. The system and database are constantly being improved to support the Criminal Records Division such as data collection, verification, comparison of fingerprint data, searching, linking and exchanging historical data, etc. This system has been of great help in improving the mobility of police officers including uniting central and provincial fingerprint data which enables investigating officers to perform their duties correctly, effectively, and timely.

Procurement Project of Immigration System, the Thai Royal Police

BY cdgs

CDG Group together with the Immigration Bureau under the Thai Royal Police has developed an IT solution for immigration check to provide an operational system for data verification and keep track of the history of all passengers to meet international standards. Developing software and supplying hardware as well as network, we make the immigration system and the immigration checkpoint perfectly linked, covering the whole country. With this seamless working system, history checks of incoming/outgoing passengers will be faster.

Development Project of Computer Network Connection in Patrol Cars, the Royal Thai Police

BY cdgs

CDG Group established a development project of a computer network connection within patrol cars through internet tablet devices. It facilitates access to the database in the internal information system of the Royal Thai Police enabling officers to check information needed for operations and access to the database in real-time. Connecting car cameras with a location system to record any incidents while on duty, it increases the efficiency of police officers working outside the facility and supports the ASEAN Community.

Development Project of Big Data Analytics System, the Rehabilitation Bureau, Ministry of Justice

BY cdgs

CDG Group, together with the Rehabilitation Bureau, Ministry of Justice, has developed a Big Data analytics system and created mathematical models for behavioral prediction analysis to predict the likelihood of a repeat offender, list factors or causes that contribute to recidivism. CDG Group also designed a program to rehabilitate behaviors for social reintegration, equipping them with professional skills to start their new lives.

E-Border Pass System, Internal Security Affairs Bureau

BY cdt

In a pioneering collaboration with the Internal Security Affairs Bureau, CDG Group has revolutionized border control with the E-Border Pass system. This groundbreaking solution seamlessly links individuals' information from the comprehensive civil registration database and the identity card system of the Bureau of Registration Administration. Designed to facilitate hassle-free cross-border travel, the system efficiently processes the issuance and renewal of border passes for Thai citizens traveling to and from the four strategic border regions governed by cross-border travel agreements with neighboring countries—Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

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