Platform for Disaster Prediction and Environmental Management, FutureTales Lab by MQDC

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Due to the increasing challenges posed by various disasters and the unpredictable nature of weather conditions and global warming, the world is facing significant risks to lives and property. In response to this pressing issue, CDG Group, in collaboration with FutureTales Lab by MQDC, a research center focused on future-solutions planning, cooperation, and proactive advocacy, has developed the "Urban Hazard Studio." This innovative environmental data hub leverages GIS technology to predict potential disasters that could occur over the next 100 years. By utilizing specialized technologies, the platform can forecast and analyze the potential impacts of different types of disasters, including flooding, pollution, global warming, and drought. The system provides comprehensive data to both the government and private sector, empowering them to enhance disaster management and preparedness. Additionally, the general public can access and utilize this valuable information through a user-friendly mobile application, enabling proactive responses to various disasters in a timely manner.

TQM Home Innovative Platform, TQM Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.

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CDG Group has collaborated with TQM Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. To introduce the TQM Home Innovative Platform, a technology-driven solution for home insurance sales. This platform leverages the NOSTRA Online Map Service, which provides precise geographic data through APIs in the form of GeoData as a Service (G-DaaS). Using international standard latitude and longitude coordinates. The platform assesses disaster risks like flooding, landslides, and high-crime areas in customers' residential locations. This empowers customers to make informed decisions when selecting appropriate home insurance plans. Furthermore, it helps insurance companies tailor products and services to meet individual consumer needs, delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Digital Work Application by NOSTRA, Dole Thailand Co., Ltd.

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CDG Group has partnered with Dole Thailand Co., Ltd. to create an application that facilitates the Work from Everywhere concept. This application enables employees to perform real-time check-in/check-out, submit location-based job applications, and add notes or photos. It also allows them to generate daily work summary reports in text and image formats for progress reporting or submission to supervisors and HR departments. This efficient application promotes effective performance evaluation and remote team management.

GeoSpatial Analysis System: TerraMap Thailand powered by NOSTRA

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CDG Group, in collaboration with Map Marketing Co., Ltd., develops the 'TerraMap Thailand powered by NOSTRA' or ‘TMT’, a cloud-based area marketing package. It is the first of its kind in Thailand, utilizing geospatial information system integrated with NOSTRA GeoData to assist organizations, particularly Japanese companies operating in Thailand, in making marketing decisions. The system provides tools for strategic sales promotion planning, store management, data analysis, and consumer behavior analysis, enabling accurate and efficient decision-making. The database is regularly updated and has received positive feedback, with over 2,000 organizations currently using the system.