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Development Project of Data Linkage System to Verify the Compulsory Motor Insurance, the Department of Land Transport, Office of Insurance Commission, and Thai General Insurance Association

BY cdgs

CDG Group has developed an information system for the Department of Land Transport to support the linkage, inspection, and exchange of compulsory motor insurance information. It supports the linkage of Type 3 car insurance information in real-time with the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC), used in registration operations such as vehicle registration, annual car tax payment, or the annual tax renewal of the Department of Land Transport.

System Development Project to Support Electronic Vehicle Registration Book, Joint Venture Between Thanachart Bank PCL and Thai Military Bank PCL

BY cdgs

CDG Group has developed a work system for data transmission between the Department of Land Transport and the Bank in the form of Web Service through the central database of the Department of Land Transport to support any transfers of vehicle information in possession of Thanachart Bank PCL, allowing a fast and convenient transfer of an owner’s name.

THAILAND Tourism Map Application (TAT App), Tourism Authority of Thailand

BY gt

CDG Group, in partnership with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, has unveiled ‘THAILAND TOURISM MAP’, an innovative app that acts as a virtual travel guide for exploring Thailand. The app aims to promote and showcase Thailand's diverse tourist attractions to both locals and international visitors. With comprehensive information on tourist destinations in all 14 southern region provinces, the app offers personalized trip recommendations. Powered by NOSTRA Map, the app utilizes precise and detailed map data, tailored to the preferences of the tech-savvy generation. It boasts cross-platform compatibility, ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices.

Expressway Geographic Information System, the Expressway Authority of Thailand

BY esri, gisc

To enhance management and planning efficiency and maximize space utilization within the expressway area, CDG Group, in collaboration with the Expressway Authority of Thailand, has developed the Expressway Geographic Information System (GIS). The project involves surveying various data such as expressway routes, streetlights, closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, and traffic signs, and integrating this data with the expressway's database. Additionally, CDG Group has created a mobile application for fieldwork and an operational dashboard to monitor and control overall operations. These tools are designed to improve efficiency in management, analysis, integration, data dissemination, and support future missions.

Basemap System for GIS Support, the Department of Land Transport

BY esri, gisc

CDG Group, in collaboration with the Department of Land Transport, has developed a basemap system to support GIS operations. The project involved acquiring hardware and software equipment and incorporating geospatial data from the Department of Land Transport, including the locations of transport offices, freight stations, and private vehicle inspection stations, to ensure consistent scale alignment with the Ministry of Transport. The system also incorporates various statistical data, such as new vehicle registrations, cumulative registered vehicles, GPS-equipped vehicles, driver's licenses, vehicle inspections, freight station usage, law enforcement comparisons, vehicle tax revenue, and transit license operations. Additionally, CDG Group has established a central portal hosted on a private cloud infrastructure for data interchange between the Transportation GI Portal system of the Ministry of Transport and the Department of Land Transport, ensuring standardized storage and efficient connectivity. The system includes an operational dashboard and a Story Map web application for visualizing geospatial data, accessible through web browsers. This facilitates efficient data utilization across different agencies.

GIS Basemaps Development Project, Department of Rural Roads

BY esri, gisc

To enhance the nationwide GIS Basemaps and the geographic information system (GIS) database, CDG Group and the Department of Rural Roads have collaborated on a project. The database comprises data on land transportation, railways, waterways, airways, water sources, important locations, and aerial photographs at scales of 1:50,000, 1:20,000, and 1:4,000. This project aligns with key policies, including the One Map policy, which emphasizes integrated state land boundary mapping at a scale of 1:4,000, the One Map One Transport policy of the Ministry of Transport, and FGDS standards, which are geospatial data standards mandated in the government sector. As part of this initiative, CDG Group has established the DRR GIS Portal for the Department of Rural Roads. The portal serves as a centralized map system, facilitating efficient management and utilization of map data for various applications. It caters to purposes such as engineering projects, providing public services, and facilitating the exchange of information among internal and external organizations. The DRR GIS Portal is accessible through web and mobile applications, offering map service functionalities that enable users to access diverse map layers. Users can easily search, update, and modify geospatial data linked to the central road database management system, ensuring convenience, speed, and efficiency.

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