Executive Director & Chief Operation Officer
CDG Group

Prior to joining CDG Group, Mrs. Supavadee worked with the Summit Industrial Co., Ltd. as System Analyst (19741977). From 1977, Mrs. Supavadee joined Control Data (Thailand) Limited, a subsidiary of CDG Group, as Application Software Manager (19771982).

Given her extensive experience over 30 years and her outstanding performance, CDG Group has grown rapidly and has outperformed in this industry. CDG Group has been recognized as one of the leading IT services provider in Thailand.

Currently, Mrs. Supavadee is the corporate Chief Finance Officer, supervising financial management and investments. She is also the corporate Chief Operating Officer, supervising business operation, human resource, and corporate resource management. Additionally, from 1991, she was appointed as Managing Directors of GIS Co., Ltd, ESRI(Thailand) Co., ltd and also the Executive Director of the affiliates and business of CDG and GABLE Group to provide visions, strategy, business plans, missions, as well as projecting new business opportunities and challenges.

Mrs. Supavadee graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Statistics (SecondClass Honor) from Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University and a Master Degree in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin Madison, USA.