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Meet Gene, the Product Manager at ESRI Thailand, a company within the CDG group. Gene, with over 12 years of experience, transitioned from an R&D System Engineer to his current role as a Product Manager. At ESRI, Gene oversees the Professional Service Team, focusing on user experience, and product management, ensuring the proper selection and marketing of Esri Inc. products in Thailand.

Gene’s Journey with CDG: Embracing Opportunities and Growth Gene’s journey with CDG began with a belief in the company’s leadership in the IT sector. As part of ESRI Thailand, Gene recognizes the company’s contribution to GIS technology, a market leader worldwide. Working at CDG provides ample opportunities for personal and professional development, including involvement in challenging and engaging projects and access to international training programs.

Navigating Challenging Projects: Learning and Growth One significant project Gene highlights is his involvement in organizing the Thai Users Conference (TUC). Leading the team in organizing this event provided valuable insights into enhancing user experience, from pre-event planning to post-event analysis. Through this experience, Gene learned the importance of seizing opportunities and constantly evolving to meet new challenges.

Embracing CDG’s Dynamic Culture of Learning CDG’s dynamic culture fosters continuous learning and innovation. Gene has actively participated in various activities, including hackathons and innovation awards, contributing ideas that have been implemented as tangible solutions. Moreover, CDG’s commitment to social responsibility is evident through its support during disasters and crises, leveraging its technological expertise to assist communities in need.

Deliver Beyond Expectations: A Mindset for Success Gene embodies CDG’s core value of persistence and determination, always striving to deliver results that exceed expectations. By maintaining a positive mindset, setting ambitious goals, and leveraging team support, Gene believes in achieving success collectively. Moreover, by consistently delivering exceptional work, Gene aims to enhance user experiences and foster a positive impact within the organization.

In conclusion, Gene reflects on CDG as a diverse and collaborative environment where individuals with different backgrounds and experiences come together to drive progress. By embracing diversity, fostering mutual understanding, and cultivating a growth mindset, CDG ensures sustained growth and success for all its members.


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