Proactive, decisive, and dedicated to continuous growth.


Korn, a Programmer, began his journey with CDG Group while studying at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, majoring in Information Engineering. He participated in the I-Coder project, an initiative that offers university students virtual work experience opportunities with CDG. After completing his internship during his third year, Korn was offered a position at CDGS upon graduation and has been contributing as a programmer ever since, focusing on the Cala solution and Single Sign-On (SSO).

Reflecting on his experience, Korn highlights the supportive and collaborative atmosphere at CDG Group, where team members have the freedom to express their ideas and receive assistance from senior colleagues when needed. Additionally, the company provides employee support initiatives such as fitness facilities, which Korn personally appreciates and utilizes after work.

In the face of challenges inherent in coding work, Korn emphasizes the importance of proactivity and problem-solving. He shares that when encountering unfamiliar tasks, he actively seeks information and consults with senior colleagues to find solutions promptly, ensuring efficient progress and timely completion of assignments.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, Korn actively contributes ideas and suggestions to enhance project development, demonstrating initiative and creativity in problem-solving. Moreover, he emphasizes the importance of immediate resolution of errors or issues to maintain workflow efficiency and prevent future complications.

Continuously seeking to improve his skills, Korn dedicates his free time to furthering his programming knowledge and exploring new frameworks beyond his current expertise. He recognizes the value of expanding his skill set to broaden career opportunities and address diverse challenges effectively.

Outside of work, Korn enjoys participating in CDG’s activities, such as Sport Day, where he enthusiastically volunteered as a cheerleader, fostering camaraderie and a sense of community among colleagues. For those interested in connecting with Korn and sharing positive attitudes, he welcomes visitors at the CDG House building.


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